Lava From Volcano Eruption Reaches the Sea – La Palma Inhabitants Must Prepare

Lava From Volcano Eruption Reaches the Sea – La Palma Inhabitants Must Prepare

You just can’t fool around when it comes to nature’s wrath. The recent eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano from the La Palma region of Spain proves it once again. The event was so imposing that mass evacuation was ordered in Canary Island.

Residents from the western coast of La Palma are facing another major threat, as they’re being urged by the authorities to seal doors and windows against toxic gases from the eruption. The volcano’s lava has reached the sea, and the inhabitants now have to take some measures, according to CNN.

Lava fell into the sea in Playa Nueva

The Playa Nueva is located near the town of Tazacorte (La Palma, Spain), where 4,600 people usually live. According to Juan Miguel Rodriguez Acosta’s statements for TV3 channel, who is the Mayor of Tazacorte, all of the people from a 2-km radius were evacuated, and an even wider area is in lockdown.

The emergency services of the Canary Islands released the following statement, as quoted by CNN:

The lava’s contact with the sea can generate gases harmful for (your) health. If you are in the confined zone of Tazacorte, the safest place is inside your home.

The danger posed by the volcano’s eruption lingers for about 10 days now. Here’s what the local government said in the beginning, meaning days ago, according to another article from CNN:

We call on people to exercise extreme caution and to stay away from the eruption area in order to avoid unnecessary risks

Likewise, it is very important to keep roads clear so that they can be used by our land operatives.

We hope everybody stays safe from any danger posed by the Cumbre Vieja volcano’s eruption.

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