Kratom Has Been Classified As A Dangerous Opioid

Kratom Has Been Classified As A Dangerous Opioid

A traditional medicine in South East Asia, Kratom has been used for millenniums as a treatment for chronic pain, body weakness, and several other conditions. However, nowadays, it has emerged on market and many started to use it as a recreational drug. Thus, Kratom has been classified as a dangerous opioid.

Kratom selling has been regulated or even banned

Kratom has also been linked to more than 40 deaths in the US, a fact that urged the authorities to reconsider the plant’s danger levels. Researchers working for the FDA and the DEA depicted that the dried Kratom leafs, that were sold freely at any store on the US soil, are in fact containing an opioid, therefore shouldn’t be freely sold.

On the other hand, the FDA recognized the plant’s therapeutic properties such as pain relief and its revitalizing effect but also considered Kratom a drug itself.

Therefore, some American states authorities have regulated Kratom, while others have banned it. However, Kratom is still legally sold in Pennsylvania.

Kratom is more and more popular

Many people started to consume Kratom since its emergence on the stores’ shelves, back in 2010.

The majority of its consumers consider the plant a medicine and use it to treat pains and for its energizing property which is more than 10 times higher than the Caffeine.

Others use it to diminish drugs withdrawal symptoms and there even are specialists who think the Kratom is beneficial in treating heroin addiction, among others.

Kratom under review

In fact, not the plant itself is the culprit for the aforementioned deaths related to it but the way people take it. Thus, many overdosed themselves with Kratom trying to increase its effects while others even combined it with other plants or drugs.

Many doctors started to look into the Kratom problem and there are a few who blame the medical system in the US stating that people wouldn’t opt for such treatments if the medical system offers them an easier access to effective and cheaper medicines.

In the meantime, Kratom has been classified as a dangerous opioid and is sold under strict observation in some states, while in others it has been completely banned.


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