Klaus Schwab Suggests AI Should Replace Democratic Elections

Klaus Schwab Suggests AI Should Replace Democratic Elections

It looks like Klaus Schwab is suggesting the fact that AI should replace democratic elections. Check out the latest video in order to see what he has to say about this.

Klaus Schwab addresses democratic elections

Here is the video that sheds more light on the matter:

Someone commented: “Predict Elections, if some theories are correct they can predict the elections already because the winner is already pres elected to win by these people at Davos/WEF.”

WEF in the news

An Australian senator has exposed the totalitarian aspirations of Klaus Schwab’s WEF.

Here is the relevant tweet that shows the video featuring the Senator who chose to speak the truth.

Australian senator Alex Antic exposes the totalitarian aspirations of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and its ‘Great Reset’ agenda in the Australian parliament.

“The WEF is steeped in authoritarianism and Marxist ideology. It’s an ideology which is creeping into governments across the world… It is imperative that we pay close attention to the World Economic Forum, and do all that we can to preserve liberty, and reduce government intrusion in our lives. And if we fail to do so, the anti-democratic forces in the West will continue to march on, and we may wake up to an Australia that we no longer recognize.”

WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari has just said that it’s likely that Donald Trump to win the 2024 elections. He also said that this will be the very last blow to what remains of the global order.

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