Keep an Eye on These Signs if you are Following a Keto Diet

Keep an Eye on These Signs if you are Following a Keto Diet

People willing to try a new diet have been choosing the keto diet for a while. Many people talk about how the keto diet worked for them including celebrities and maybe your friends and, but you must be conscient that there are side effects to this diet as well.

If you are considering this diet or you have already started your keto journey, here are the signs you must be aware of in case you consider that keto is not working for you.

Vitamin deficiency

Even though the keto diet offers you positive results, fewer people talk about the existent side effects of this diet. According to the author of a health-focused book Rebuild, Dr. Robert Zembroski mentioned that one side effect that keto might induce is the vitamin deficiency.

The level of exhaustion is almost unbearable

You might say that it is totally normal to feel tired at the beginning of a new fitness and health routine but the CEO of Raw Fitness Franchise and a veteran of the fitness industry, Justin Blum says that if you passed your limit, this diet might not be the one you should follow.

You can no longer get good nights of sleep

As we know, our sleep pattern improves or regulates when you follow a scheduled diet, but you might deal with the opposite if the keto diet is not for you.

You are having digestive issues

According to Blum, the diet might not do something for you if your digestive issues do not get better after a bit of time.

You are not in ketosis

Dr. Mike Roussell, the co-founder of Neuro Coffee, suggest that if you are not in ketosis, the diet does not work for you.


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