Just In: Paris Reports Food Shortages Amidst Attempts To Crush Protesters

Just In: Paris Reports Food Shortages Amidst Attempts To Crush Protesters

It’s just revealed the fact that Paris is reporting food shortages amidst the massive protests that are taking place there, along with the rest of Europe. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Paris reports food shortages

An important post on X reveals that as the Macron globalist infiltrated government attempts to crush the protesters with arrests and intimidation, the people continue to fight back.

“The farmers cannot be stopped, and there is massive support from the public and citizens of France.

In a desperate attempt to protect food distribution centers, armored vehicles are trying to block roads and prevent the farmers from getting there.

However, the tractors have the ability to traverse the countryside and go off-road, and so they are simply driving around the roadblocks.

Macron has left the country and is reported to be feasting with dignitaries in other countries. Some have suggested he is worried about his personal safety and that this may be the reason he has left France.”

Someone commented: “In the Lot-et-Garonne area, the situation turns comical: The French Gendarmerie launched a chase in a Dacia car in the fields against farmers, and they got stuck in the mud. Even the Towing vehicle got stuck. The Farmers, with little resentment, helped them out.”

About a week ago, I was reporting that Poland entered the war against tyranny, and tractors, along with farmers, are marching in Europe to fight the globalist agenda. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Poland fights globalists

Poland is on the march as thousands of Tractors and farmers hit the roads in a massive show of force against the Globalists and their policies designed to crush the farmers. Poland is fighting back.

Stay tuned for more news about the farmers’ protests around Europe and the US.

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