Judge Ruling: Donald Trump Has ‘Presidential Immunity’ Following False Election Claims

Judge Ruling: Donald Trump Has ‘Presidential Immunity’ Following False Election Claims

It has been revealed that a judge just ruled that former president Donald Trump has presidential immunity following the false election claims. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Judge rules Donald Trump has presidential immunity

A judge in Pennsylvania has just said that former President Trump cannot be sued by an election official over statements he made casting suspicion on the 2020 election results during his presidency. It has been revealed the fact that this is due to the protection provided by presidential immunity.

Judge Michael Erdos of Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas ruled that “Trump’s immunity extends to a tweet he posted and statements he made during a Pennsylvania state Senate committee hearing in November 2020, which alleged fraudulent activity in the state’s election counting process, even though these claims were not backed by evidence.”

The lawsuit was brought by James Savage – he is a supervisor of Pennsylvania’s voting machines during the 2020 election.

According to the Politics Brief, Savage combined two lawsuits claiming that Trump, Rudy Giuliani, a pair of poll observers, and others had conspired to slander him. Savage alleges that their remarks resulted in him receiving death threats and suffering two heart attacks.

“Other legal proceedings may examine the propriety of his statements and actions while he was the President and whether, as the plaintiffs in this and other cases contend, it was this conduct which served as the actual threat to our democracy,” Erdos ruled. “But this case is not the proper place to do so. Here, Trump is entitled to Presidential immunity.”

Erdos ruled that Trump’s initial statements fell within his official duties – it has been revealed the fact that he was only communicating to the public on matters of public interest.

“Here, then-President Trump’s Gettysburg remarks and his tweet were public,” Erdos wrote. “Moreover, the topic of these statements—claims from third parties and the President himself about irregularities in the Presidential election which on their face called into question the integrity of the election and whether now-President Joseph Biden had been duly elected—was undoubtedly a matter of great public concern.”

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