James Franco: Several Women Have Accused Him Of Sexual Misconduct

James Franco: Several Women Have Accused Him Of Sexual Misconduct

Not long after James Franco won a Golden Globe for his performance in ‘The Disaster Artist’, he got accused by several women of sexual harassment.

It all escalated after he won the Golden Globe, of course. That, along with him wearing the ‘Time’s Up’ pin which was to support women and put an end to harassment in the Hollywood industry.

Several Accusations Surfaced on Social Media

James Franco, 39-years old, got accused first by actress Violet Paley, who said she was sexually assaulted by him and that he also tried to lure her 17-year-old friend go to his hotel room with him.

Paley was an adult at that time and said that her relationship with Franco was consensual.

The same Golden Globe night Sarah Tither-Kaplan, a former student at his acting school (which got closed last year for no reason), accused Franco of having his students sign a vague contract and then forcing them to strip naked on the set for the sum of $100 per day. She added that Franco would only give roles to women who accepted to appear in nude scenes. His classes also involved sex simulation or stripping, according to other online stories.

Tither-Kaplan got chastised by some Twitter users, blaming her of signing the contract with Franco.

It Happened Before

In the past, Franco also tried to meet with a 17-year-old girl, Lucy Clode, by starting an Instagram chat. After they have chatted, she posted the messages, even though he asked her not to. Basically, they were talking about her and when she will turn 18 and if they could meet after that time on a date or if he should rent a room at a hotel.

At the ‘Live With Kelly and Michael’ show, he admitted that he was hitting on the girl and it was just a matter of ‘bad judgement’. He also said that ‘social media is tricky’ and meeting someone can get very tricky, not to mention that sometimes the ‘embarrassing rituals of meeting someone […] gets published for the world’.

The new accusations haven’t so far been proven in court, so Franco hasn’t been charged for anything he might or might not have done. He didn’t comment on any of these accusations either.


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