It’s Time To Make Time For You. Here’s Why.

It’s Time To Make Time For You. Here’s Why.

Everyday life is busy. It’s hectic and there are careers, families, social lives, studying – it’s all a juggle and it’s not always easy to take a step back and take time for yourself. Firstly, there never seems to be enough time in the day, and secondly, the idea of scheduling time for yourself can often feel selfish – when it really isn’t the most selfish thing that you can do!

There is always a good reason not to take time for yourself, and there is always a roadblock that will scupper your plans to relax. Relaxation isn’t something frivolous or out there, it’s to help you to take a moment and recharge your batteries for once. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity and it’s vital to your health. Relaxation works to reduce your blood pressure and everything from wellness retreats to taking a moment to breathe can help you to relax. There are so many reasons that we give ourselves not to get out and relax, but don’t worry: we’ve got an argument for every single excuse you can think of. You need to take some time for you, and here’s why:

Unsure How to Recharge?

You want to relax. You want to just stop a moment and breathe and take a little pause. The problem is that you’ve spent so long running on a wheel that you have no idea how to stop what you’re doing and put your obligations to one side. You are obligated to put some time into yourself, so that you don’t become disconnected from the things that you enjoy the most. It’s nice to put time into your job and your studies, but you need to learn what you love to do to relax, and you need to do those things. Whenever you do something that makes you feel good, mentally file that moment away and remember it for the next time you want to relax.

Time Off Stresses You Out?

Some people are passionate about taking time off work and actively ensure that they take that time. However, for others it can be more stressful to be away from the office – just in case something goes wrong in their business. It’s great to feel passion about your job, but it’s even better to feel passionate about you. Taking time off to book a wellness retreat and get some rest and relaxation should be your next job. It’s very unrealistic to believe that you don’t need a break: of course you do! Look for what interests you outside of your office and if you need time to do that, stop eating at your desk! Try relaxing in a number of ways at home, and then bring that outside.

Use Screen Time To Unwind?

If you want to truly relax, get off the screens. Open a book and smell the pages, go for a long walk with a podcast playing that’ll interest you. You can book yourself some time away to unwind while you look at a beach. There are places you need to go, and a couch and TV screen are not the places to go to be able to let go and unwind. By slumping on the couch, you’re going to strain your eyes and spend even more time looking at the screen!

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You Don’t Like Yoga?

Not everyone loves yoga, but everyone loves to take a moment to push their bodies. Relaxation classes are a thing, and whether it’s yoga, breathwork or Pilates, you need to figure out which classes could work for you. It takes time to learn that relaxation is a pleasure and not just another way to interrupt your day. Once you learn it, though, you will be on your way to truly understanding the things that interest you. most. Knowing this is so important if you want to relax and let go, and while you may not get on with yoga, you can get on with other meditation exercises.

Mind Keeps Racing?

One of the biggest reasons to make time for yourself is to quiet the noise in your head. The constant overthinking, the inability to let go and just take a moment – those are hard to deal with. When you are constantly thinking about the next thing to do on your list, you are never going to be able to quiet the noise and stop your thoughts racing. Once you learn to relax and make some time for yourself, though, you can stop the thoughts from running so fast and you need to stop living in a constant state of anxiety. There are some things that you don’t need to obsess over, and when you give yourself the gift of time, you can take a step back and stop obsessing. Making the choice to invest your time, energy and thinking into something else is going to help you to relax. Think gardening, baking, painting – all of these actions are repetitive and therapeutic as a result. Quiet that racing mind and slow down – you won’t regret it.

Something Always Needs to Be Done?

The cleaning and the vacuuming and the child-raising – these things will always need to be done. They will always need your time and energy and it’s time to stop doing that. Jutifying ignoring your own needs in favor of the needs of the home is not a good idea. In fact, you are going to end up forgetting how to take breaks and have fun if you’re not careful. Remember that it’s better to take a shorter break now than wait for weeks on end for a longer one. It’s also better to schedule your breaks every single day. Allocate yourself a timeslot to relax every single day even if it’s just for thirty minutes at a time. If you wait and wait for the ideal time to kick back and relax, you will never find the time.


It’s about time you realized that making time for yourself is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s the best thing that you can do.


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