It Looks Like Another Magnetic Storm is Coming Our Way

It Looks Like Another Magnetic Storm is Coming Our Way

Mark the date in your calendars; on the 18th of March we will be hit by a magnetic storm! The Russian Academy of Sciences has just announced that another magnetic storm is coming in Earth’s direction and it will certainly affect the planet’s geomagnetic atmosphere.

What do magnetic storms do?

From what we have seen so far, magnetic storms affect both technology systems and humans alike. They usually disturb radio frequencies and radar communication systems. They also affect humans or other organism by having an effect on blood circulation and blood pressure, and in some cases it even boosts adrenalin.

What should we look out for?

Russian scientists said that on the day that the magnetic storm will hit Earth people may find it harder to sleep or experience dizziness or headaches.

How do magnetic storms come to be?

Solar storms are known to happen when the Earth’s magnetosphere is disturbed for a short period of time by the energy created by solar winds. It should not come as a surprise that another solar storm is happening, this one is going to be the third one to hit Earth since the start of the year.

What else do solar storms do

Magnetic storms are particularly tricky events since they also tend to disturb power grids. This is why, whenever a solar storm is supposed to hit Earth, engineers are told that they should shut down systems that are not essential and be ready for their power grid to go through some fluctuations.

Our thoughts

A solar storm is not a very terrifying event, especially since this one is not a particularly big storm. We also suggest that you follow the advice given by scientists in order to not experience any sort of unneeded complication. This storm will pass over soon enough.


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