Is This the Time to Change Something so We Can Save Our Planet?

Is This the Time to Change Something so We Can Save Our Planet?

We all know that the planet is sick. Many studies show (and warn us) that we have exaggerated – beyond physical boundaries – a lot when it comes to what our planet can sustain.

Temperature extremes are increasing, so the weather is a disaster – a lot of fires, oceans are choking in plastic, and our ecosystem is down. And we can all agree that the government does nothing.

The Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 says that we need to make some changes in our economic systems.

All the economic models that inform the political decisions in some rich countries do not take into account the energetic and material dimensions of the economy. The economy has used the ability of the ecosystems to deal with all the waste from material use and energy use. Perhaps it’s time for us to simply accept that we cannot keep the economic growth on this kind of planet – a finite one.

The UN report is overseen by a group of scientists from various disciplines from around the world.

The respective chapter is called Transformation: The Economy, and it has been written by scientists from fields of environment, such as ecosystem scientists, business, philosophy, and economical.

We have gotten to the point where we are just using our lands and water as if they were a vast garbage pile. The document also warns that our present economic systems are the reason behind the gaps between poor and rich people. This also leads to the rise in unemployment, and in debt – and they all contribute to the destabilisation of our society.


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