Is the Low-Carb Diet the Best for Your Health?

Is the Low-Carb Diet the Best for Your Health?

A new study suggested that those who consume fewer carbohydrates may increase their risk of premature death – if they only eat meat and cheese and not nuts and vegetables, too.

It’s true, cutting carbs can be beneficial, as they help in losing weights, but, in the long term, they can cause damage.

For the study, they had more than 15,000 adults, with ages from 45 to 65, who they closely watched about 25 years. In this period, 6,283 of people died.

Those participants who got 50-55% of their calories from carbohydrates had a lower risk of death than those who had lower (or bigger) intake of carbohydrates.

What was the reason for the study?

The main idea of the study was that you don’t have to make sure you’re only getting rid only of the carbohydrates, but you need to find different types of food to replace them. This study was not made to show how fewer carbohydrates (or more vegetables) are going to impact the time you’re living.

However, it is possible that the proteins which are based on plants can make people live longer, as they reduce inflammation. Animal proteins (and also fats) will have a negative impact, as they cause the inflammation and the oxidative stress.

The study also showed that from the age of 50, the life expectancy was 33 years for those people who ate carbohydrates moderately; 32 years for those who had a high carbohydrate intake; 29 years for those who had a Low carbohydrate intake.

The only thing with this study is that they evaluated the eating habits only twice – at the start and then six years later. So the diets of the people might have changed over time.

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