Is the home oxygen generator useful?

Is the home oxygen generator useful?

First of all, since you decide to buy an oxygen concentrator, most of it is recommended by a doctor. It is difficult for ordinary citizens to decide to buy an oxygen concentrator on their own, except for the doctor’s advice or the patients around them. Many people have misunderstandings such as “Will oxygen be poisoned? Will they be addicted to oxygen inhalation” and so on. They don’t dare to buy it easily. Therefore, the doctor’s suggestion will answer your question on the side. The home oxygen concentrator is useful, at least for your illness.

Let’s guess again for what disease you need to buy an oxygen generator. Does oxygen inhalation at home help your disease much? Do you need to buy a household oxygen generator?

People who need to inhale oxygen at home mainly include: late pregnancy, intrauterine hypoxia in the fetus; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; respiratory diseases; asthma.

Let me talk about hypoxia in the fetus first. This situation must be relieved by oxygen inhalation. If the hospital is very close to home and the hospital queue will not be long (this situation is estimated to not exist), you can consider taking oxygen in the hospital every day. The price is not high, but it is not convenient. If family conditions are good, you can consider buying an oxygen generator for your daughter-in-law to inhale oxygen at home. This can avoid cross-infection, and it is more convenient to reduce queues. Therefore, it is useful to buy an oxygen concentrator in this situation. As for whether it is necessary, it depends on your own family situation. After all, oxygen is not inhaled all the year round. The purchase of an oxygen concentrator is for short-term use.

Let’s talk about cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, which are collectively referred to as disease needs. For example, take chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as an example (this disease is very common around us, especially the elderly)

The current mortality rate of COPD is very high and cannot be cured. Long-term oxygen inhalation is better for this disease, which can delay the progress of the disease. However, it takes more than 15 hours to inhale oxygen every day, so it is very necessary for such patients to buy an oxygen generator. Moreover, the requirements for the oxygen generator are relatively high, because the oxygen generator needs to be inhaled for so long every day, not only the oxygen generator needs to be turned on for a long time, but also the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator must be high, so that the therapeutic effect can be achieved.

In the past, our outpatient clinics often met patients’ reactions and felt that the oxygen they inhaled was not as good as the hospital’s. Therefore, if it is necessary for a disease, it is recommended to buy a medical-grade oxygen generator. Oxygen generators such as Boswell and Yuwell are all medical-grade oxygen generators. .

Finally, let’s talk about asthma. If you have a mild asthma attack, you don’t need to take oxygen, but if you have severe asthma and repeated attacks, you can consider a spare oxygen generator at home, because when a severe attack occurs, the body’s oxygen deficiency will be more serious.

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