Is It Too Late to Protect You from Sun Damage?

Is It Too Late to Protect You from Sun Damage?

Wisdom is something that should come with age but the saying does not seem to apply when it comes to protecting oneself from sun damage. According to statistics people over the age of 55 are the worst when it comes to using sun cream, with a whopping 43% not using SPF at all in the past year.

The safe sun message seems to resonate with younger Brits (80% of those between 34 are using sun protection) older relatives can’t seem to be bothered although consequences were presented repeatedly, wrinkles and skin cancer to name the most significant.

‘’Why bother? It’s already too late’’

One of the main causes according to some social studies seems to be the belief that it is too late to make it up for all the years when none was used, in many cases a lifetime bad habit.

Many people believe that since they stood in the sun since childhood the damage is already done, and there is no purpose in starting to apply for protection now at this point in their life. What they don’t know is the sun damage adds up, until it the damage can’t be compensated anymore and damage starts to become permanent, accelerating the aging process in the meantime.

‘’I was already burned as a kid and its permanent’’

Getting sunburns in childhood won’t make you a decisive target for skin cancer. But it should encourage you to further avoid any future damage in order to prevent future cells from developing the mutations that lead to the initial stages of skin cancer. Should everyone start using sun protection now, the incidents of skin cancer would greatly decrease in number.

‘’But I already look old due to wrinkles, what can SPF do for me?’’

You would be surprised. While sun protection crèmes lack the power of specialized crèmes they still offer much-needed hydration for your skin. Even a thin layer can discourage those wrinkles from cracking and spreading.

Should you decide to protect yourself use SPF 30 protection with a good UVA filter. Apply every two hours if you sit in direct light and every time you come out of the swimming pool if it is not water resistant. In the long term, you will see a difference.


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