IQ Test Scores Are Getting Better, But Are We Truly Getting Smarter?

IQ Test Scores Are Getting Better, But Are We Truly Getting Smarter?

The world has reached an all-time high in terms of technology in our everyday items like smartphones and smartwatches. With each new generation, devices are getting smarter – there are new features, better reliability, etc.

However, is that true for humans too? That is a question that troubled scientists for many years, especially as throughout the 20th century, the typical score on IQ tests across the globe increased considerably, particularly in the west.

Researchers recorded an increase of three IQ points per decade. That means, statistically speaking, we live with more geniuses on the planet than ever in the past.

There appears to be an increase in IQ score and the apparent trend for intelligence levels to rise over time, also known as the Flynn effect.

Also, improvements in health and nutrition, educations, and work conditions, plus recent access to technology, all had an input on the situation.

It is true that, two centuries ago, for example, industrialization resulted in immense overcrowded urban areas with notorious outcomes and premature death.

However, better housing, health and parenting, plus better access to free education and progressive evolution from manual to more mentally challenging jobs, resulted in an increase in life expectancy and healthier lives.

A Norwegian study suggests that men born before 1975 manifested a positive “Flynn effect” of a three-point gain for each successive decade.

However, for those born after 1975, a steady decrease in IQ was observed.

A seven-point difference between generations was noticed, as average IQs dropped by 0.2 points each year. Other studies carried out between 2005 and 2013 in the UK, Sweden and France, also resulted in comparable conclusions.

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