iOS 11.1 Save More Battery Life Tips

iOS 11.1 Save More Battery Life Tips

When Apple releases a new iOS operating system it usually takes while until battery issues are solved.  This might cause a lot of frustration for iPhone users because battery life is very important nowadays. This is the case of iPhone owners who received the iOS 11.1 update.

Tips and tricks for a longer battery life with iOS 11.1

For those who cannot wait for Apple to fix battery bugs for its newest OS, the solution is to learn a few tricks to help your battery last longer.

A good trick is to activate the Low Power Mote. To do so, simply go to Settings and flip the switch on the Battery option. By switching on the Battery setting plenty of features will be turned off or reduces: email fetch, “Hey Siri” feature, automatic downloads, some visual effects and the background app refresh. The feature will deactivate itself if your iPhone’s battery reaches 80% or more.

A good tip is to check your battery life with the help of apps such as Battery Life or GeekBench 4. Rechargeable batteries wear out eventually and if your iPhone is a few years old, then maybe it is time for a new battery.

Also, try to keep next to you a charging cable or a powerbank.

iOS 11.1

The 11th OS by Apple has been released on September this year and it brought significant changes. Some worthy to mention are: the lock screen and the notification center are now combined, the control center has had various pages unified, the App Store has a new interface, Siri translates between languages, there is a new setting for portrait-mode photos.

iOS 11.1 has been released on the 31st of October 2017 and it brings new emojis (over 70) and some vulnerability fixes.


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