International Travel Is Getting Less Restricted, But There Is A Catch

International Travel Is Getting Less Restricted, But There Is A Catch

Travelling abroad is getting easier as days go by.

However, there is one catch – You need to be vaccinated. An increasing list of countries decreases or eliminates quarantine measures and Covid-19 testing requirements for those who received complete vaccinations while maintaining restrictions in place for those who haven’t.

Many officials from regions like Barbados announced this week that quarantine requirements for vaccinated individuals would be decreased to zero to two days when they can move around their hotels.

However, unvaccinated individuals have to stay in their hotel rooms until they complete a Covid test on the fifth day and wait a few more days for results.

That new protocol will kick in starting from May 8.

Unfortunately, children aren’t eligible to be vaccinated yet, which obviously complicates family travel plans for the moment, but Barbados thought of that!

Kids under 18 years old who are travelling with vaccinated parents are subject to the same regulations as vaccinated travellers.

Mixed groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are a less fortunate situation. Vaccinated adults travelling with unvaccinated companions that don’t want to be separated are subject to the harsh restrictions imposed on the uninoculated.

Barbados joined Estonia, Guatemala and Slovenia in creating various entrance requirements for citizens and unvaccinated travellers.

Most oblige vaccinations to be completed within two weeks of arrival, and some only accept U.S.-made or Europe-made vaccines.

Currently, the U.S. state of Hawaii is working on more straightforward requirements for vaccinated individuals, local media reports.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green explained that children will still have to test negative to enter, but kids of vaccinated adults may be exempt from testing if Hawaii achieves herd immunity.

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