Innovative Technologies In The Public Health Sector: Servelec’s System Manages NHS’s Highly Complex Administrative Tasks

Innovative Technologies In The Public Health Sector: Servelec’s System Manages NHS’s Highly Complex Administrative Tasks

We’re living in the digital information era which spreads all over the world’s industries. Security is now more critical than ever that this also applies to the health and social care systems in the world. Information technology and standards are the foundation of the services which are focused on patients which include enhanced safety, increased quality of services, the highest possible transparency and high level of collaboration between the parties involved.

With all these in mind, UK’s NHS created an innovative method of public healthcare which managed to become the fifth biggest employer in the world, according to the latest reports.

Main benefits of NHS

NHS’s vision is based on specific rules for collecting, processing, managing and sharing information in the most secure and confidential ways in the health and social care sector. The main benefits experienced by patients, healthcare professionals and commissioners as well include the following, depending on the party involved.

User/patient advantages:

  • Improved safety for data
  • An extended palette of choices regarding services
  • Enhanced access to information
  • Higher quality of services
  • Interoperability and Integrated Care

Healthcare professionals advantages:

  • A high quality of care
  • Improved access to records
  • Integrated care
  • Better information recording services
  • Improved access to essential information

Commissioner advantages

  • Integrated care
  • Better access to information
  • Higher quality for services

You can find out the complete and detailed advantages for each group on NHS’s official website.

Anyway, as you can see, there are lots of massive implications and a high number of administrative tasks that are involved in NHS’s work. In order to be able to manage them as close to perfection as possible, they decided to work with Servelec HSC’s systems.

Using the RIO EPR system for improved care quality, clinical safety, and patient experience

RiO is a trusted and powerful electronic patient record (EPR) solution that’s used by thousands of professionals in the healthcare industry to help improve the quality of care, clinical safety, and patient experience. In other words, RiO is a proprietary patient record software developed by Servelec.

RiO EPR is currently operating across child health, community health and mental health care in order to support people’s health and care professionals in their quest to deliver top quality services to their patients.

RiO EPR’s main benefits

  • The system offers a seamless electronic patient record in order to provide a holistic picture of the patient.
  • It has configurable features that help healthcare professionals deliver the best services.
  • It enables healthcare practitioners to offer high-quality care no matter of their location via the RiO mobile app solution.
  • The system supports all services that are delivered.
  • It promotes multi-agency working via GP integrations, social care, and acute solutions.
  • RiO also supports the patients’ individual health index number and the Mental Health Act.
  • The system delivers data securely in a browser, portal or via a mobile device.
  • Data can be viewed and shared with other healthcare providers.

Closing words

The NHS’s focus on the innovative collaborative approach can build on the experience and successes acquired by previous methodologies in the industry, and the use of systems such as RiO can only ensure progression and consistency in the industry.

The end user experience in the US’s healthcare could use similar technologies which are focused on improving the data available to providers, making patient documentation much easier and facilitating more the communication between healthcare professionals and patients.


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