Indiana Pacers Suffer Injury Woes with the Trade Deadline Approaching

Indiana Pacers Suffer Injury Woes with the Trade Deadline Approaching

The Indiana Pacers have been dealing with revolving injury problems at the worst possible time of the season – within a short distance of the closing trade deadline.

Currently, teams throughout the NBA are making their final assessments on players to establish if any trades or swaps need to be made. The Pacers, in particular, would seemingly hope to be involved, especially when they’ve been entangled in the trade grapevine all season and hold a 19-34 league record. 

Unfortunately, the Pacers line-up fell victim to many injury concerns towards the end of January, and countless players intertwined with trade gossip have fallen victim in this category. An overwhelming eight players joined the injury list between Jan.20, 2022, and Feb.3.

  • 13th Jan – T.J. Warren (Day-To-Day)
  • 18th Jan – Myles Turner (Day-to-Day)
  • 20th Jan – T.J. McConnell (Out)
  • 31st Jan – Domantas Sabonis (Out)
  • 31st Jan – Malcolm Brogdon (Out)
  • 1st Feb – Goga Botadze (Out)
  • 3rd Feb – Isaiah Jackson (Out)
  • 3rd Feb – Oshae Brissett (Out)

While some absences are considerably worse than others, no team wants to meet such a vast array of injuries around the corner from trade deadline day.

Outside of their trade concerns, the Pacers are struggling to survive in the Eastern Conference, with an abysmal 6-20 away record and 19-34 overall. The loss of Myles Turner has evidently affected Rick Carlisle’s team on a defensive front, as he tends to have a stress reaction in his left foot.

The Pacers aren’t performing the same since the loss of Turner, and the same defensive frailties will continue in his absence. Without a definite date for his expected return, the Indiana big man will be dearly missed as the key anchor in their defense.

In the last couple of games, he’s just felt something,” Carlisle commented. “Turner wasn’t performing well in the few games leading up to his date of injury, and the foot issue may be a reason why. So, we’re going to get it checked out.”

NBA sports betting sites have continuously lined the Pacers with the extra points on their point spreads. This is notably a weak position to be in moving forward when the sportsbook’s numbers constantly undermine you; it’s usually a sign that progression isn’t expected. You’re a team likely to lose.

You can’t technically blame the bookmakers for losing interest; the Pacers have lost 50% of their meetings against the spread in addition to 34 losses on the moneyline this season. The injury crisis isn’t helping, and the spike continued in late January/early February.

Day’s following Turner’s diagnosis, Domantas Sabonis injured his left ankle versus the LA Lakers. When the game concluded, Carlisle mentioned the injury as “significant.” Although, he did shine more light on a possible return. “No definitive time, but he’ll miss at least a few games, I think,” Carlisle said.

This season, Turner and Sabonis have been involved in the Pacers trade rumors, but with recent injuries taken into consideration, their trade value could be damaged. Teams interested in the two big men need to consider what the injury means for a potential place on their squad going forward.

In saying that, it doesn’t look like either player will suffer from an extended layoff, and a positive outlook can stem from the All-Star break – the perfect time for players to rest and heal up. Of course, the injuries are frustrating and couldn’t have landed at the worst period of the season. Just when the Pacers thought that Goga Bitadze and Isaiah Jackson were the idealistic big men replacements, they too joined the injury list this week.

While the Pacers can’t seem to catch a break, their club rebuild stems deeper than a few trades and deadline day. Regardless of which players move or don’t, Indiana possesses multiple rookies with promising futures. And if the veteran leadership of Brogdon and Sabonis are here to stay, the growth of each rookie could blossom into a playoff-contending team.

Overall, the Pacers have a solid base to build a positive future team, but the owners must make the correct decisions. Maximizing positions within the trade deadlines could be crucial or not relevant; we’ll have to wait and see how the decision making pans out.

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