Inactivity Kills Us – Physical Fitness Comes With Plenty Of Advantages

Inactivity Kills Us – Physical Fitness Comes With Plenty Of Advantages

We can enjoy more vitality, better health and a longer life, constantly appealing to the benefits of regular, active physical exercise. It helps not only the muscles and bones, but also the heart, lungs, brain, blood vessels, joints and any part of the body. Sedentarism is the shortest way to premature death. Inactivity kills us, literally.

High-quality genetic inheritance helps some survive, despite extremely unfavorable situations. But the thing that is most interested today is not how to live longer. People are looking for more energy, better health, sense and quality of life, and only then think about how to prolong their lives.

Benefits of regular exercise

Exercise helps us live more and better. Here are some of the most important benefits of regular exercise:

-It helps you feel better. Life becomes more fun, and the “mood” of good mood that you get through exercise does not go on with a gap, like in the case of drugs. Moreover, the hormones responsible for this state of good mood following exercise have been shown to be strong promoters of the juvenile.

-Strengthens the heart. This is important in a culture where every second person dies as a result of a heart or vascular disease.

-It lowers the blood pressure and the resting pulse, thus preoccupying the heart and the blood vessels.

-It lowers the LDL-cholesterol level (cholesterol-lowering compound and is harmful) and often increases HDL-cholesterol (beneficial), thereby reducing cardiac and vascular risk.

-Strengthens bones, helping to fix calcium and other minerals. 50-year-old sedentary individuals lose more and more calcium and bone mass.

-Combat depression. Exercise in the open air is one of the most valuable tools, able to remove this common (often common) disease and often disability.

-Eliminate anxiety and stress. Under the harsh conditions of the hurried society in which we live, increased physical activity proves to be one of the most effective antidotes.

-Increases vigor and efficiency in all areas of life.

It’s your health. Protect it.

Not everyone can run at a marathon, but almost all of us can benefit from each of these effects, practicing the simple, seemingly banal walk. This is the ideal exercise for ordinary people. It’s cheap, sure, and everyone can practice it. And above it is also good. You can choose the speed you want and you can stop whenever you want. As your shape grows, you can gradually increase both the speed and the duration of your walk.

So if you want to live a long healthy life, you can start by now doing some exercises.


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