Improve the Intensity of Your Orgasms Using These Methods

Improve the Intensity of Your Orgasms Using These Methods

Orgasm is definitely one of the best things that you can get in life. But why not make it even better? There are certain ways that could improve your orgasm and make it more intense. Let’s check out some of them.

Use toys

Women can really benefit from using sex toys when it comes to the intensity of their orgasms. If you can, find a toy that will focus on the clitoris.  There numerous toys available on the market and each one comes with its own intensity and technique, so you can experiment a little until you find out what works for you.

Practice mindfulness

Your mind can be very important for your orgasm and you could use mental exercises. This works for both masturbation and sex. Calming your mind can help you focus on your body and it will come with great results for your orgasms.

Visit a doctor

If you have some troubles with your orgasms, you could try paying a visit to a doctor. There are certain procedures that could help you with the health of your vagina, improving your sexual experiences.


Kegel exercises can be great for your body and they ca end up improving the quality of your orgasms as well. It is a good thing to strengthen the pelvic floor. You should also know that some of those muscles are directly connected with the clitoral area as well.

Changing the position

Each person has a favourite position. If you have some trouble climaxing, you should try changing the positions. In some cases, it might help trying new things. This also works when it comes to masturbating. For example, you could try doing it on your stomach, as it could help you explore new areas.


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