Improperly Cleaned Equipment may have Infected Thousands with Diseases

Improperly Cleaned Equipment may have Infected Thousands with Diseases

A rude surprise awaits thousands of patients of the Main Street Medical Centre in Stittsvile. Over the last fifteen years the patients may have been exposed to improperly cleaned medical equipment.

In a press conference, the Ottawa Public Health Department announced that although the risk was reduced, over 4600 people may have been contaminated. The patients underwent minor medical operations between December 2003 and the 25th of April 2018.

A list of the particular positions was also published. It includes the following: Removal of ingrown nails, removal of a skin tag/mole etc by the use of a blade, the drainage and/or removal of cysts, sutures/staples and others.

Subjects of other minor operations such as getting vaccine shots, blood tests, swabs of tissue and pap tests were not exposed to ay risks.

The affected patients will receive a notification via email, inviting them to be tested for Hepatitis C and B, and more importantly, HIV.  While Hepatitis B and C can be treated when discovered in time, it is considerably more expensive to treat patients infected with HIV. If left alone, Hepatitis B and C may lead to liver problems, culminating in liver cirrhosis and liver failure. HIV will mutate to become AIDS, which may eventually lead to death due to immunity problems which increase the risk of contracting other viral diseases.

A displeased patient reported hygiene problems, prompting an investigation led by the Ottawa Public Health Department. It was revealed that several staff members did not clean the medical instruments properly. All minor operations presented previously are suspended until further notice, and the careless staff members will be most likely punished for their negligence.

While no case of infection has been discovered until now, the situation is troubling for many patients. Disgruntled patients who are proven to be infected may start lawsuits against the center which may lead to unknown consequences.


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