Images of the Devastating Californian Wildfires have been Published by NASA

Images of the Devastating Californian Wildfires have been Published by NASA

California has been once more devastated by wildfires and hundreds of thousands of acres have been destroyed. Many Californian have lost their homes, school and some their lives. The massiveness of the wildfires pushed along by the Santa Ana winds have been computed from space by NASA.

Astronauts share images from space of the Californian wildfires

Images taken by NASA’s satellite’s and astronauts show the magnitude of the wildfires and they help the authorities calculate the total damages made.

One image shown by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite pictures in orange the active wildfires and in brown those already burned.

Those published by NASA feature the active fires in red.

The Disaster Program is monitoring the situation

There is a special team: NASA’s Disaster Program, which is monitoring the Californian wildfires. The purpose of the team is to provide data and hourly updates regarding the places where the wildfires are burning the most.

So far it is estimated that 27.7 billion $ of real estate are at risk due to the wildfires and 5 billion $ of Southern California real estate is in immediate risk.

NASA has also helped during Hurricane Maria

This is not the first event in which NASA helps out. During the Hurricane Maria, which has devastated Puerto Rico this autumn, NASA has been using the Black Marble HD technology. Black Marble HD is used to identify lights on Earth at nighttime and it helped the authorities to identify where the lights were out.

Hurricane Maria was the first natural disaster during which NASA used the Black Marble technology.

It is important during natural disasters for the authorities to receive as much help as possible. The wildfires have been devastating California and its residents for a while now.


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