Hurricane Ian Devastates Islands in Florida – Watch Video of the Catastrophic Aftermath

Hurricane Ian Devastates Islands in Florida – Watch Video of the Catastrophic Aftermath

Florida is not only one of the most important states in America. It’s also home to over 4,500 islands that are at least 10 acres. A few days ago, those living in Florida had to face the devastating wrath of nature through the impact of the Ian hurricane. The natural disaster was classified as a Category 4 storm, and it hit the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

The hurricane was so powerful that it destroyed the bridge that connects the Captiva Islands and Lee County’s Sanibel. Millions of houses were left with no electrical power, and the winds even reached 115 miles per hour. The area is also dealing with massive floods.

Joe Biden is concerned about a ‘substantial loss of life’

The death toll caused by the Ian hurricane in Florida is climbing, while US President Joe Biden even fears a ‘substantial loss of life’ caused by the tragic event.


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Coast Guard Rear Adm. Brendan McPherson explained, as CNN quotes:

We didn’t even wait for the passage of the storm last night. We had helicopters in the air,

We rescued 13 people along the coast between Fort Myers and St. Petersburg.

He also added, as the same source quotes:

We’re gearing up for what’s going to be a very busy day of search and rescue,

We currently have an aircraft in the air with the Florida National Guard actively pulling people off of roofs in Fort Myers.

Dan Allers from the Fort Myers Beach, stated for the BBC:

To say it’s devastation would be a severe understatement, just watching people’s belongings and homes and things float by – it was a very tough scene to witness.

Hurricane Ian easily qualifies as one of the most powerful storms that hit the US in recent years.


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