Hurricane Hilary Will Bring Winds and Locally Flooding Rain in Parts of California

Hurricane Hilary Will Bring Winds and Locally Flooding Rain in Parts of California

At this time, Hilary may be found some several hundred kilometers to the south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and is traveling in the direction of the west-northwest. The leftovers of Hurricane Hilary will deliver flood rain and strong gusts regionally to sections of California, particularly the Los Angeles Basin and the Desert Southwest, despite the fact that Hilary will eventually dissipate.

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Hurricane Hilary quickly strengthened from a tropical storm to a Category 3 storm between Wednesday, August 16, and Thursday, August 17, and it is possible that Hilary may reach its peak intensity of a Category 4 storm by either Friday, August 18, or Saturday, August 19. Thankfully, that will occur when it is still a significant distance from shore. During its transformation to a post-tropical gentle system, Hilary is expected to pass across portions of California early the week after next while in a considerably weakened state as she travels across the state.

The remnants of Hurricane Hilary are expected to have a number of effects throughout a portion of the Southwest, no matter what weather forecasters choose to label it. For instance, certain regions might see rounds of torrential downpours that could drop half an inch to an inch or more of rain or more within an hour, which would result in flooding of streams and arroyos that are generally dry. There are some regions that have a risk of landslides and mudslides, particularly those areas that get no less than little precipitation over areas that have recently been burnt by wildfires.

If Hilary is still labeled as a tropical storm over California, it will be the first time in over 26 years that this has occurred over the state of California. The last time this occurred was in September 1997, when then-Hurricane Nora traveled along the Colorado River in California as a tropical storm.

On the other hand, swells are expected to arrive around the coast of Southern California over the weekend, and they could continue into Monday, August 21, as well. These are anticipated to have the greatest impact on beaches facing south and southeast, which will result in dangerously high surf and maybe some coastal flooding, particularly during high tide.

In addition to that, we must not overlook the winds. At the beginning of the following week, there is a chance that Southern California may have some greater wind gusts, which may cause some power outages and damage to trees.


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