Humboldt Broncos Issue Boosts Organ Donor Registration

Humboldt Broncos Issue Boosts Organ Donor Registration

Good news for Canadians! As more and more people learn about the fact that Logan Boulet was a donor, the donor registration rises. The latter has seen a spike last weekend, when Canadians saw the news about the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. Moreover, people were convinced after player Logan Boulet decided to sign his donor card as well.

Joyful News

The 21-year-old young man from Lethbridge, Alberta, perished following his injuries from the crash. However, he helped save the lives of 6 other people. This tragedy that broke the hearts of citizens everywhere underlined once again the importance of organ donation. As a result, the number of people who registered to be a donors rose all throughout the country.

James Breckenridge is the President and CEO at the Canadian Transplant Society. According to him, they have been up more than 100% this week, compared to the last week. What is truly impressive is the fact that there as a five-fold increase in the age category 16 – 25. Usually, this category of people aren’t too eager to register because they assume they won’t die in the following 50+ years.

What You Need to Know about Registering as a Donor

Whether you’re a Canadian who wishes to register now or not, it’s useful to know a thing or two about this. Many people believe that if they have a chronic health condition, they’re not good candidates for organ donation. However, this is false. For example, a diabetic may not donate their kidneys, but their heart and lungs may help save another life.

At the same time, there is no age limit for organ donation. Breckenridge declared that their oldest organ donor was a 90-year-old men, from whom they took the liver. The organ was healthy, so they used it. If there is the parent’s consent, even a newborn baby can become an organ donor.


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