Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Enter this world

Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Enter this world

HGH is about growth hormones. As its name says, this hormone intervenes in all growth processes, while our body produces it. Thus, thanks to it, the skin is constantly renewed, our metabolism is faster and we have much stronger bones.

From the age of 35, our organism considerably reduces its production, that is why it is common that we hear phrases such as: “the metabolism slows down from the age of 30” and sentences in the same style. You heard it too, right?

Although Growth Hormone has a frivolous connotation due to its association with Hollywood celebrities, the truth is that it has numerous beneficial effects on health: reduction of body fat, improvement of biomarkers of cardiovascular risk and hydrocarbon metabolism, improvement of muscle strength, prevents sarcopenia or loss of muscle mass, improves sleep quality and quality of life.

It is true that some users may face some adverse symptoms if they are related to growth hormone since improvements in the well-being and quality of life questionnaires have been described in the scientific literature. But it is important to refer to the positive effects described in this scientific literature and not to the personal experience of some actors.

So if it is not an elixir to rejuvenate what is the use of growth hormone?

In the US, there are already many people who use growth hormone, but not to rejuvenate, but to maintain physiological functions linked to this hormone, which disappear with their fall throughout life.

Keep in mind that HGH drops sharply in the 1920s and thereafter at a slower rate of 2% annually. This means that between 30 and 50 years it may have fallen by around 40%.

How can you know if you are deficient in this hormone?

By means of a stimulation test of its secretion. An insufficient response may suggest, along with certain symptomatology (tiredness, weight gain, sleep disturbance, inability to exercise….), An adult growth hormone deficiency.

On the other hand, the plasma indicator of the mean levels of growth hormone is IGF-1. These reach their highest values ​​in puberty and adolescence and decline sharply in the 20s. From the point of view of Age Management Medicine, the objective is to have this biomarker above 200 ng / mL at any age.

HGH Effects

On the contrary, as with any other medical treatment, if it is not correctly prescribed it can have adverse effects. Its replacement should be adjusted and controlled in each patient in low doses of between 0.2 and 0.6 mg/day to avoid the most frequent side effects such as edema, arthralgias, myalgias, or hyperinsulinism. As for cancer, the growth hormone is not carcinogenic. Vence’s article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1999 on HGH treatment in children and adults documented that their cancer incidence was lower than that of subjects not treated with HGH.

One of the benefits of HGH is that it loses weight. What is the reason?

Growth hormone stimulates carbohydrate metabolism and improves the sensitivity of insulin receptors, it also increases lean mass and therefore increases basal metabolism. All this decreases the fat mass.

Those who defend its consumption argue that if it is not harmful in children, it will not be harmful in adults either …

It is an argument that is not without its physiological logic. If children with short stature are treated for years to increase their final size by a couple of centimeters, assuming a very high cost and so that it supposedly does not affect their psychology, why not treat an adult who has less 50% of the levels you had in your youth? The answer could be because in the adult it has side effects that in the child there are not. But this is not true. It is rather a matter of administrative authorization: can you imagine that everyone asked for their daily dose of growth hormone from the age of 50?

Is the purchase of HGH illegal?

News of their clandestine traffic appears frequently but rather related to its use in gyms and in the doping of competitive sports. Nothing to do with the use of HGH as Hormone Replacement Therapy for the maintenance of physiological functions. One reliable source where you can find HGH for sale is the one from the link.


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