Huge 2020 Voter Fraud Has Been Revealed in Michigan

Huge 2020 Voter Fraud Has Been Revealed in Michigan

In October 2020, just a month prior to the 2020 general election, Ann Meisch, the City Clerk of Muskegon, MI, observed a black female (whose name was redacted from the police report) depositing around 8,000-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office. Check out more details about the matter below.

Voter fraud is uncovered

This led to the involvement of the Muskegon Police Department, who were requested to investigate the matter. On 21st October 2020, Tom Fabus, Chief of Investigations for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office, contacted First Lieutenant Mike Anderson to seek Michigan State Police’s assistance in a joint investigation of alleged voter fraud being conducted by the Muskegon Police Department and the AG. Consequently, an investigative task force was formed and an investigation was initiated. On 16th October 2020, Ann Meisch, and Kimberly Young, the Deputy Clerk of Muskegon, contacted the Muskegon Police Department after noticing some irregularities in the voter registration applications received both in person and by mail.

The Muskegon city clerk grew wary when a woman (whose name was initially redacted in the police report but later revealed) delivered thousands of voter registration forms to her office, many of which had the same handwriting. On October 20, 2020 (the last day for in-person voter registration applications), the suspect returned to the Muskegon City Clerk’s office to submit additional registration forms in person. Clerk Meisch estimated that the suspect brought an additional 2500 forms. Meisch contacted the Muskegon Police Department, and Detective Logan Anderson and Captain Shawn Bride conducted a non-custodial interview with the suspect. Meisch believed that some of the voter registration forms were highly suspicious and possibly fraudulent. Her opinion was based on the fact that numerous forms appeared to be completed by the same writer, and upon initial examination, some addresses on multiple forms were invalid or non-existent.

Later in the report, the name of the female suspect was unredacted.

The MI State Police investigator assigned to the case spoke with the female suspect who explained that she was being paid $1150/week “to find un-registered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot.” The only problem is, the handwriting on the voter registrations was the same on several of the registrations and many of the addresses were non-existent or fake. according to the online publication The Gateway Pundit. 

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