Hubble Telescope Is Showing Us the Wonders of Space – Two Galaxies Crushing

Hubble Telescope Is Showing Us the Wonders of Space – Two Galaxies Crushing

The wonder of human technology, the Hubble Space Telescope has proved its worth. After the marvelous image of a black hole, Hubble is giving the world a pick of two galaxies meeting for the first time. The merge will happen one day between the two galaxies, but at a slow pace, now we can only see them gravitating toward each other. The factors that are connecting, in the end, the two galaxies are gas, dust, and stars.

This unusual duo name is UGC 2369, and one day we will talk about one galaxy. To understand better the galaxies, we must know that they belong to cluster or galactic groups. Because of that category, two or more galaxies can merge and interact with each other. But again, the gravity is saying a word in this matter. Even if the objects don’t collide, they are attracted to each other, or they are changing the shape.

Besides this, another phenomenon which could happen is when the so-called fly-bys galaxies are creating warps, tidal tails, or bars. And this is happening without contact being made. Through these tails or bars, the galaxies are helping to form other stars. But when a merge is happening, the impact is destructive.  Usually, when mergers happen, the constellations don’t have equal size, so this issue is creating higher destruction.

Also, take note that we aren’t witnessing huge events between galaxies, only minor ones. But according to researchers, shortly, we will have one big event right in our own universe. The funny thing about big galaxies absorbing other small galaxies is that one day even the biggest one can turn out to be the next meal. Also, our Milky Way can become dinner to a massive galaxy.

Finally, the astronomers are predicting the collision between our galaxy and Andromeda one day. In the meantime, UGC 2369 is new but in an advanced stage of merging.

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