How to Walk the Walk – Acquire Tigress Grace and Confidence

How to Walk the Walk – Acquire Tigress Grace and Confidence

How a woman walks is an extremely important presentational moment, as the man looks at the woman as a whole. So, the ballerina in the crowd can be recognized by walking, but you are not a ballerina, or a model on the catwalk.

And how do you need to walk so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, not vulgar and attractive? The flexibility, agility and grace of a cat is what is important for an attractive walk for every woman.

Let me give you an exercise that will allow you to acquire tigress grace and confidence over time.

Initial position:

  • Standing, legs together.
  • Lift the right thigh to the chest, clasping the knee with your hands, spread your elbows to the sides. Keeping your balance, wait a few seconds.
  • Then bend the same leg in the knee so that the heel touches the buttocks, help yourself with your hand. Try not to pull the knee to the side and do not fall. Just keep balance for a few seconds.
  • Do this with the other leg.
  • As a result, you will learn to keep balance, stretch the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, gain plasticity.

And do not forget to repeat: “My posture is the best! I am graceful, like a cat!”

Having done so several times with each leg, sit in silence, figuratively imagining yourself to be the beast that went hunting. Now walk, holding your head straight without rotating it in different directions, do not slouch, take your elbows back a little. Relax the shoulder girdle by keeping your abdominals in tension. Hands should hang freely and naturally along the body.

You need to walk from the hip: making a step, you take out the thigh, not the knee.

Marilyn Monroe and other famous models would never have won the title of the sex symbol if they hadn’t been shaking their hips when walking, without the vulgar swaying of the buttocks.

Therefore, we begin a conversation with a gait, which creates an aura of attractiveness for any woman.

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A slight rocking of the buttocks is achieved by stepping from the hip with a close positioning of the feet, approximately at a distance of 5-10 cm from each other.

The foot first becomes the heel, then the weight is transferred to the middle part of the foot, and only then to the toe. Feet should be placed on the same line, toes slightly turn out.

Head is raised, do not expose the chin, the shoulders are barely laid back, the stomach is tucked up, and from this the chest will be slightly raised.

I advise you to turn off the sound when watching movies, watch and copy the walk of famous Hollywood celebrities. Watch carefully how they put their feet, hold their backs, give a hand to a gentleman. And while listening and watching clips of famous singers, dance with them. You may not be able to do everything, but you will gain freedom of movement, learn the right manners, and this is already a lot. And be sure to celebrate your successes.

Here is an exercise for you:


Draw on the sheet of paper an inverted figure eight, the sign of infinity. And now, in front of the mirror, follow the hips with the trajectory of this figure. And the larger the amplitude of the circles, the better. In this case, the legs are straight, and the shoulders and head are still.

Also, you will be helped to acquire sexuality and self-confidence by dancing. Dance classes will not only strengthen health and prolong youth, but also develop the sensitivity of a woman, filling her body with sexual energy.

The dance, enriching the imagination, teaches to perfectly master your own body and understand its desires. Passionate swaying of the hips, seductive belly dancing, slight chest vibrations are like a prelude to the beginning of intercourse, as if imitating an orgasm.

Now many fitness and dance studios open strip-plastics courses, where you will be taught to love your body and manage it.

If you cannot attend classes, then at least once a week, put a disc with music that will help you to relax, and listen to your body, perform movements in front of the mirror, even better put on sexy lingerie and high heels. After a few sessions, you will feel what changes are taking place in your body.

And remember that it’s not just a walk, but in general a woman’s attitude. The most important thing is that you need to want to please men, not to any particular man, but to all representatives of the stronger sex as such.


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