How to Treat Depression without Medication

How to Treat Depression without Medication

Our minds are incredible and intricate organs that are capable of handling anything we put them through.  Unfortunately, like any other organ, illness can strike the brain and affect almost everything you do.  Instead of pulling away and isolating, here is something you can use to combat your depression without using medication.

Working Out

Although working out may be the furthest thing from your mind, exercise can do a lot for a brain.  Serotonin, also known as the happy-making chemical, can get replaced during a good workout, which may leave you feeling more content for longer.  Working out also offers the chance to get your heart rate up and use up and excess anxiety that is forcing your depression along.

If you’re not used to running or working out a lot, you can take this step at a slower pace.  Walking for twenty minutes to get used to it, and then building that number up, is healthier than trying to get an hour run in on your first night.  

Path Switching

This tool often gets used for other mental illnesses like ADHD- but it can be helpful to use against depression.  Path switching means taking the time to recognize your depression symptoms, and then working to divert them before they get too bad for you to stop them.

This option means if you know that a symptom of your depression getting triggered is hearing someone talk about their relationship with their parents, you can work yourself back down from the train of thought that usually occurs.  Although it’s impossible to avoid a conversation topic forever, you should work to switch these thoughts so that eventually, your brain will do it automatically.

Talk To A Therapist

Therapy may seem daunting to many, especially if they’ve never gone to a session before.  Talking to a professional is the most valuable thing you can do in your fight against depression.  

Not only will therapists be able to give you the tools you need to succeed, but they’ll also understand your reluctance to try medication.  They’ll be more willing to try things like transcranial magnetic stimulation to try and help you.  

Journal In Detail

Another highly successful way to subvert your depression symptoms is to journal.  You don’t need to write down everything you eat, or what the best show of the day is unless you think it’s tied to your mental health.  You may find a trigger that you didn’t know you had before- so you’ll avoid it next time.

Reflect on your journal occasionally.  By reading it over, you can find patterns, figure out what worked and what didn’t, and figure out other things to try.

Your mind is an incredible organ that needs care and support to thrive.  Take care of yourself, and your brain will thank you!


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