How to Stay Healthy While Travelling the World

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling the World

Some people associate vacations with the idea of completely ignoring a diet, and indulging in all of the worst foods. This perceived concept can even be used as an excuse not to explore different countries. Little did you know, it’s each to enjoy a meal at an  all-inclusive resorts.

Not to mention the assumed stage of “I’m on vacation, I don’t need to exercise.” There is no justification in not trying to get some sweat going. It releases anger and stress while simultaneously making you feel great about what you’re doing. Nothing can beat post workout euphoria.

But, what these people aren’t realizing is that it is achievable to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle while traveling the world.

And here are a few simple tips to help you do just that.


It seems all you hear these days are people trying to promote hydration. But staying hydrated is essential at all times, whether you’re back home or a thousand miles away. If you feel a little bit of thirst, you are already not drinking enough.

When you are regularly visiting new sites, finding places to eat, packing, repacking, and merely being a busy tourist, being strict about water is exceptionally beneficial.

Although it is recommended to carry a water bottle on you at all times, to no one’s surprise, it can be a heavy burden. An alternative would be recycled water bottles.

Also, during certain times of the day, you can plan to drink water. For example, before you leave your hotel, during lunch, during dinner, and before bed, you can drink two glasses. This way, there’s a specific schedule to follow.


Snacking is a sometimes misunderstood concept, and can be recognized negatively. But packing your own snacks is a healthier alternative than buying a croissant.

When shopping at a grocery store, you are more likely to buy more nutritious eats then when you are hungry and see a really delicious carb-loaded pasta restaurant nearby.

If you pack a bag of carrots, an apple, or some almonds, it can be easily stored in a purse or bookbag. It’s on-the-go and readily available for whenever you need food.

Simple adjustments to your diet can be impactful in the long run, and spreading out your course of meals by adding small snacks is a major help.


Naturally, one would be walking everywhere they possibly could while traveling the world. Trying to see every attraction in a limited amount of time causes for miles of walking.

Doing this every day can be an exhausting expedition, but it does count as exercise. Walking in replace of a trolley, train, or taxi, saves money while burning extra calories.


Although you may be incredibly busy, trying to squeeze in a workout or two every week can actually be a fun experience. It’s not every day you can go for a jog or go to the gym in a foreign country.

Different countries can also offer new variations of exercise or classes. Discovering versions outside of the ordinary can distract from the usually unpleasant pain it may bring.

Portion control

Yes, the cuisine is a huge part of traveling the world, and yes, you should try as many things as possible. But this can result in unnecessary overeating, piling on as a con of vacationing far away.

A simple way to avoid gaining weight is portion control. This way, you can still taste all of the new and unique foods, while learning to eat until satisfaction.

For example, when staying in Italy, you may want to try the hyped up, infamous gelato. If you get a small cone, in replace of a large cone, you are still able to appreciate it, without adding on too many calories.


Waking up at the crack of dawn to see a sunset or to go to an attraction before the crowds arrive is a useful source of time. But continuously cutting your sleep short results in a miserable, tired experience.

Your body needs rest, especially when you may be crossing time zones, hopping on many planes, or carrying luggage from one destination to the other. Recognizing exhaustion and taking the initiative to sleep is an ability needed for traveling.

Otherwise, trips cannot be as appreciated as they should be. Dozing off and relying on caffeine is not even comparable to a good night’s rest.


The most important meal of the day did not get its nickname for no apparent reason. Starting off your day with a nutrient-packed, delicious food is a vital element to when traveling.

Make your mom proud and find a combination of healthy foods that will give you energy for the rest of the day. No one wants to adventure with an empty, hungry stomach.


Continually bouncing from city to city and country to country is a task that is challenging on its own. But having to find a way to stay faithful to your health is an even more significant inconvenience.

Luckily, there are many broken down steps you can follow to increase your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling the world.

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