How to Start Working Out in Your 40s

How to Start Working Out in Your 40s

It’s never too late to start working out.

Now that you’re in your 40s, your body will automatically lose significant muscle mass every year. This, on top of the fact that your metabolism is no longer what it used to be, will make it hard for you to stay in shape, especially without any effort on your part.

Staying active is very important, especially if you have not yet settled on a physical routine yet. Without sugar-coating anything, know that it will be significantly harder to start working out now than when you were in your 20s. But as long as you do the following things, all hope is not lost:

Start with a healthy mindset

You might feel like your body is not in the best shape right now, but never forget that the mind is very powerful. At the onset of your journey to becoming more physical, you have to approach things with the right mindset.

The focus of your workout plan should be to improve your overall health, and not simply to look better or to lose weight, although these things would surely come naturally if you do things right.

Assess where you are

It is important to evaluate the current state of your health before you start working out. Find out your current height, weight, BMI, and muscle mass so that you can properly track your progress as you go along.

You also need to have an honest assessment of your physical health level to find out what kinds of activities will be suitable for you to do. Even though you haven’t ascribed to a specific workout regimen in the past years, your lifestyle might have forced you to passively workout every day, in which case you can actually do more advanced routines. If it had been a sedentary lifestyle for you up to this point, though, you might have to stick with the basics first.

Condition your body

Conditioning your body means getting rid of any lingering pain in your body so you can start anew. One good way to do this is by consulting a physical therapist and asking for trigger point therapy for parts of your body that are in constant pain.

Treatments like dry needling will allow you to address specific pain points so that you can get them out of your system while preparing to have a more active lifestyle.

Start slow

As mentioned earlier, the trick lies with easing your body into a new routine. It’s no good setting yourself up for extreme stress by rushing things and subjecting yourself to a high-intensity training routine that might not be sustainable in the long run.

Find activities that are right for you

Starting slow actually means finding the right activities that match your earlier assessment of where you currently stand, in terms of your physical health. Take note that working out is not always heaving dumbbells and getting up on treadmills. It may also be signing up for dance classes or doing aerobics/Zumba with your friends.

Again, the goal here is for you to feel better on account of your improved health. You can only do this if your ‘workout’ routine actually interests you and gives you more energy on a daily basis.

Seek professional help

If you’re really not sure where to start and how to sustain a workout plan, having a personal trainer coaching you might be a good idea. A capable trainer will subject you to some evaluative tests to help you find a workout plan that will work. Furthermore, he/she can guide you all throughout your journey to becoming more active and will advise you on how to do things right. Working out is also always coupled with eating the right stuff, so consulting with a dietician might also help.

Be careful but have fun

As mentioned earlier, you no longer have all the physical capabilities you had when you were 20 years younger. That said, you really have to be careful about working out, especially since you’re just starting out. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and take it one day at a time. Make sure that you enjoy the process just as much as you do seeing observable results in your body.

Regardless of your age, your body will be your best and most infallible gauge about what’s right for you. Stick with a workout plan that keeps you stimulated without tiring yourself out too much, and you’ll definitely see some improvement in your general health.


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