How to Reduce the Spread of Infection at Work

How to Reduce the Spread of Infection at Work

Places of work are a hotbed for germs and the spread of infections and diseases, and while this has always been considered the norm, since the arrival of the coronavirus in 2019, everyone has had to become more vigilant in the fight against the pandemic. New safety measures have been put in place, with an emphasis on hygiene and social distancing. While governments are suggesting that workers continue to work from home if possible, some workers (especially key workers) are having to return to their place of work.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce the spread of infection. Whether you work in an office or a dental office or clinic, there are many helpful tips and sound advice on how you can protect yourself but also customers/patients and your fellow co-workers.

Here’s how you can reduce the spread of infection at work and live a healthier life.

Practice Social Distancing

You should continue to practice social distancing, especially when inside a smaller space. While this may seem difficult, to ensure that people can put the right amount of distance between them, you should have a limit on the number of people who can set foot in the building, have a one-way system, and have posters reminding people to stand far enough apart from one another.

Currently, you should maintain a distance of at least two meters between yourself and anyone else.

Invest in Sneeze Guards

Keeping staff and patients safe while in a dental practice or clinic is essential, especially as it is likely that the people visiting may be carrying an illness. The best way to protect your staff and patients is to invest in guards that can stop viruses spreading via respiratory droplets. These can be installed at reception areas but also in doctor’s offices. Simply install them so that there is always something between you and the customer and/or patient. For more information of such guards and health precautions, head to

Wipe Down Surfaces

Any surface that someone has come into contact with will need to be wiped down so that there is a lesser chance of someone contracting a disease or infection from the area. However, you need to ensure that the area is cleaned and disinfected properly if you are to kill the germs left behind. It is said that typical household cleaning and disinfection products will eliminate the virus, so ensure that you stay on top of wiping down any surface once you have finished with it, but also once someone else has come into contact with it.

Screen Customers and Patients

Screening customers and patients to ensure that they are not feeling unwell can help reduce the spread of the virus. Ask anyone who wishes to see you to assess their health and whether they are showing any signs of the coronavirus. If you are unsure on the symptoms, read them here.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to work from home during the pandemic. Therefore, the best way to keep yourself safe and healthy is to follow the simple rules in place so that the spread of infection can be stopped or at least slowed down.


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