How to make a nursing home room more comfortable

How to make a nursing home room more comfortable

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is difficult for everyone. But sometimes it is the best option. Although there is no replacement of home, eventually their nursing residency should become their new home. There are steps you can take to help make their room feel more comfortable and homely.

One thing to be aware of is bed rails, as they can make a room less comfortable and can make a person feel trapped. Furthermore, there has been a rise in nursing home bed rail injuries. They should only be used if necessary, for an individual’s safety. If it is common to practice in a home to use bed rails, then it is probably best to stay clear.

When someone moves into a home, they may feel that their independence is being stripped away. Therefore, when considering these ideas be sure to involve them in the process. Find out from them what they would like and work together to create a room that is individual for them.

Bring things from home

A top tip to make a nursing home room cozier is to bring items from home. This could be their favorite chair, their bedding, photographs, curtains or anything else you can think of.

A plant

Houseplants have many benefits for both emotional and physical health, they purify the air and look nice.

Keep it smelling nice

Smelling nice and fresh will keep an elderly person feeling positive and confident. Candles may be a fire risk, but you could consider an air freshener or purifier. You could also put scented sachets in their drawers.

A comfy seat

The care home may provide seats, or you may want to bring your own. Whatever you opt for, make sure they have a good set up in their room to be able to relax and enjoy their surroundings. This should include pillows, a comfortable blanket, and a footstool.

They should also have things close at hand, such as a table, a tv, and any activities which they enjoy. Perhaps they would like a basket of knitting stuff next to them or their favorite books.

Different lighting options

The lighting of a room is important for comfort and mental health. Different options should be available. An adjustable lamp or more than one lamp should be available to them. This will allow them to set low lightening when they want to relax and bright lights when they want to do an activity. At least one of these lamps should be reachable so that they can feel that they have independence.


There are several ways you can make a room in a nursing home feel better. Nothing can make moving into a nursing home easy, however, these touches will ensure that they still feel loved and make the transition easier.

You should avoid anything that could be a trip hazard or could cause injuries, such as a rug or bed rails. The most important thing for anyone is a comfy bed and a place to sit. Always consider their independence, so involve them in the decision process and make sure things that they need or may want can be close at hands such as a walker or a TV remote.


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