How to look after your heart, body and mind in your golden years

How to look after your heart, body and mind in your golden years

If you wish to live a healthy life in your golden years, then it is important to have a quality lifestyle to avoid any illnesses.

Something as unexpected as a cardiac arrest can catch you off guard, and can even result in death or paralysis.

To make sure your heart is functioning correctly you should schedule annual exams with your cardiologist.

If you are on medicaid and want to schedule a checkup we put together a list of cardiologists that accept Medicaid.

Besides that, here are a few things you can do to keep your heart, body and mind healthy – as they say “Prevention is better than cure”.

  • Regular exercise

Exercise strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation, which in turn increases oxygen levels in your body. This will lower your risks of contracting heart disease, depression and cholesterol. Regular exercise can also keep a check on your blood pressure and surplus body fat.

  • Healthy diet

Taking a balanced diet can supply nutrition that an aged body needs. Adding calcium-rich foods to your diet can prevent weak bones as our bone health declines as we grow older.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and prevents osteoporosis. Eat more fruits and vegetables to increase your potassium intake. Cut down on processed foods, bread, cold cuts, and cheese. Improve your protein intake with fish, beans, and peas. Eat at least three ounces of whole-grain cereals, every day.

Your food may be fresh, frozen, or canned. But the point is to never skip meals and eat healthy.

  • Adequate sleep

Your body relies on sleep to be healthy. Sleep heals your body to get rid of fatigue, and repairs your heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency increases the chances of heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes, and increased blood pressure levels. Adequate sleep helps maintain your immunity, and a healthy balance of your hormones.

  • Quit smoking

Research says that smokers have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, memory loss, and sleep problems. Take your own sweet time to quit. Always keep chewing gum handy to engage your mouth and beat your nicotine cravings.

  • Games and mental health

Apart from regular exercise, there are indoor and outdoor games which can have a positive impact on your mental health and heart. Setting goals, time management, coordination, and in some cases, even interaction uplifts your mood. Some types of games can sharpen your thinking, learning, and judgement skills. Minor lapses are common for a healthy aging person.

You can be active in a way you feel comfortable.

  • Foster hobbies

Spending time on an activity that you enjoy can improve your mental health and wellbeing. Recent researches have proven that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from mood problems, stress, and depression. Hobbies like gardening, writing, or painting can make you feel occupied, useful, and happy.

  • Socialize regularly

Age can make some people feel left-out. Social interactions can get you out and about and help foster positivity and a feeling of belonging. Talking can also help relieve stress, make new bonds and encourage your friends and family to look out for you and each other.


The advantages of a healthy heart are very manifold in character.

The heart functions 24 hours a day, without any rest. It keeps us alive and requires special attention to function properly in a person’s lifetime.

Unfortunately, one of the major causes of death in humans is heart disease. Plaque build-up in the body hinders the blood flow to the heart’s chambers, which in turn may cause a sudden stroke or cardiac arrest.

So, a few simple lifestyle changes can improve your heart’s health and longevity.

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