How to Improve the Health and Safety of Your Workplace

How to Improve the Health and Safety of Your Workplace

Your workplace – especially if it is more of a workshop than your traditional office – needs to invest in its health and safety. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your office is, or how trained and level-headed your employees are. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. Life can go from normal to chaotic in a second, and all it takes is one misplaced step.

Improving the health and safety of your workplace, even beyond what federal and state regulations require of you, is how you can help your employees, care for them, and even one day save a life.

Ensure Everyone is Aware of their Rights

First things first, far too many employees aren’t aware of their rights or of the processes that they would need to take if they were hurt. You have worker’s compensation insurance, so tell them what that entails, what hospitals to go to, and what steps to take before they get injured. Make sure their rights are common knowledge, even go so far as finding out when your employees would be eligible to apply to other government programs to help support themselves if they were injured.

Train Employees on Emergency First Aid

It never hurts to have a few employees on hand who know emergency first aid. Even an office environment has everyday accidents like choking, and not knowing what to do puts people into a panic. In a panic, people die. Sponsor a few employees (four or five) to spend a day training first aid with the Red Cross (or similar), and you will have certified emergency first aid providers on hand no matter what.

Have a First-Aid Kit on Site and Within Reach

In order for your certified first-aid employees to be most effective, they will need to have a first aid kit. The type of kit you invest in will depend entirely on your working environment.

If you deal with machinery and cuts are a likely occurrence, and an accident was to occur, then stop the bleed kits are an absolute must to have. One of the most common causes of death that can be prevented is severe blood loss or hemorrhaging. Having a bleeding control kit at the workplace can save lives by stopping the flow of blood of victims.  Ambulances can do a lot, but in those few minutes, a person can bleed out if they are cut in certain locations. With stop the bleed kits, you can save a life.

Care for their Mental Health and Wellbeing

Improving your workplace for emergencies is all well and good, but if you want to provide lasting support to your employees, you will also need to care for their health and wellbeing.

To provide this support help them better balance their work/life. You can do this by offering great benefits, making flexi-time standard, improving your health coverage to include mental health services, and so much more. If you are ever in doubt of what you should do, ask your employees for what they need.


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