How To Identify The particular Signs Of Covid-19 And The Flu

How To Identify The particular Signs Of Covid-19 And The Flu

Fears of a so-called “twindemic” are arising in the United States this year, and panic among people is rising as many aren’t aware of how to tell apart the flu from Covid-19.

Most symptoms of the two diseases are so similar that it’s pretty hard to tell them apart. However, some clues give away their identity.


To start on the right foot, the flu season will be less severe than it was during past years, mainly because people across the globe wore masks, respected social distancing for the most part, and washed their hands often to prevent disease transmission.

Predictions of flu activity in the United States can be made by referring to Flu activity in the Southern Hemisphere.

Thankfully, flu activity in the Southern Hemisphere has decreased by 99% compared to a regular-season during winter.

Coronavirus preventing measures are also helpful in warding off against the flu.

However, you should still get a flu shot. They are available in large quantities as authorities were worried that a twindemic might becoming.


Over a hundred viruses can provoke the common cold, but only four of them are responsible for the seasonal flu.

“Flu makes you feel as if you were hit by a truck,” experts say.

The flu’s telltale signs are fever, headaches, body aches, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, stuffed sinuses, and runny nose.

Some severe cases also manifest diarrhea or even vomiting.

One common complication of the flu is pneumonia.

Covid-19, on the other hand, has symptoms like fever, chills, fatigue, dry cough, and especially a loss in the sense of smell.

Patients can’t smell even strong odors like onions or coffee.


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