How To Highlight Your Hair

How To Highlight Your Hair

Nowadays fashion dictates the rules of naturalness and simplicity in everything, that’s why such amazing coloring techniques as balayage, ombre, sombre, babylights are so popular. All these hairstyles have lots of advantages: they can frame the face, make the hair visually thicker, update the whole look. But on the other hand, neither of them comes cheap in a salon, so that, unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. No need to panic, ladies, we’ve got an incredibly easy and cool idea how to highlight your hair at home – cheap and cheerful! Just follow these steps:


  1. Make Sure You Have Chosen the Right Color

If you want your hair to look naturally sun-kissed, with smooth transitions and pretty play of colors, choose the hair-dye one to two shades lighter than your base color.

  1. Don’t Neglect Protections

In order to avoid problems with the skin of hands and dirty clothes, don’t forget about using rubber gloves and some kind of cape on the shoulders (it may be a towel or a plastic garbage bag with a cut hole for your head).

  1. Find Out What to Do

Remember – it’s a dye, so having a step-by-step plan will keep you from spoiling everything. Just read the box beforehand, get familiar with all tools, figure out which areas you’re going to highlight, and do exactly what’s written on the box.


  1. Prepare the Compound

Pour all the ingredients from the box into a plastic bowl and mix them thoroughly.

  1. Divide & Clip Your Hair

A number of sections can differ depending on the expected outcome, whether there are areas that you won’t be bleaching, or maybe need some special care. Most often, the hair is divided into 2 or 4 sections, with separation of lower and upper layers.

  1. Apply the Dye

With hands or with a special brush – the way you do it is completely up to you. Remember to apply the dye beginning from the tips up to the roots, not vice versa.

  1. Wait for the Allotted Time

Leave the color in for the time mentioned in the instruction, cover the hair with a plastic cap and/or heat it up with a hair dryer (to fasten the lightening).

  1. Wash & Dry Your New Hair

Before washing, you can apply the toner to make your hair look more natural and lively. After that, dry the locks in your usual way.


  • Use a baby toothbrush instead of the brush that comes with your kit to apply the dye more thoroughly.
  • Don’t use a highlighting cap for really long straight hair.
  • Do a strand test to check your hair’s reaction, and to make sure the color works as you expected to avoid unpleasant surprises after washing off the dye.
  • Face-framing and top highlights are the most universal and popular variants.
  • The thinner strands you take, the more natural your coloring looks.
  • If you don’t want to waste time getting the dye off your neck, ears, and forehead, cover the hairline with vaseline before highlighting.

Hope, our how-to guide will come in handy to you, and this video will give you another dose of inspiration for your new unboring and beautiful hairstyle:

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