How to Combat Mosquitos This Summer

How to Combat Mosquitos This Summer

Summer is approaching, and everyone is busy preparing for the fun-filled season. In the same way, you are happy about the warm temperature, so are the mosquitos. Before starting your vacation, it is essential to remember that you will encounter these peaky insects.

It is not easy to eliminate these insects; their bites can lead to health complications. Mosquitos are very stubborn, and they can deny you the chance to enjoy your summer vacation.

Follow the following ways of fighting against mosquitos.

Apply mosquito repellent and coils

Protect yourself from mosquito bites by regularly using mosquito repellent, mainly when you are outside. Mosquitoes are active from dawn to dusk; it is at this time that you should be cautious of their bites. The hours might change, especially if you stay in a wooded environment or you have gone for a summer hike in the forest.

There are many repellants, but the suitable ones have picaridin or DEET as the active ingredients. With such repellants, you are safe from the bites for a long duration. When purchasing, be keen on the label to end up with an effective product.

Are mosquito coils safe? Yes, indeed, they are safe insecticides used to prevent bites from these insects.

Normalize wearing of long sleeves shirts and pants

During summer vacation, many wear light clothing like shorts, tops, and t-shirts. Immediately the sun sets, you should change and have something that can cover 90 percent of your skin. Putting on long shirts and pants when you are on other outdoor activities safeguards you from mosquito attacks.

Covering your entire body is not an exciting thing, especially during the summer, but it’s better than having mosquito bites all over your body.

Avoid stagnant water pools and long vegetation around your homestead

Mosquito use standstill water as their breeding ground; to control their population, you will have to get rid of the stagnant pool. Stagnant water doesn’t have to be on the ground; check on the bird feeder and flower pot immediately after a rainfall. Develop a habit of changing the water in the flower pot daily, as by doing this, you will be combating these harmful insects.

If you cannot get rid of the pool, there is an alternative where you can spread oil on the water surface. By doing this, you will be suffocating mosquitoes’ breeding grounds. Always ensure the vegetation around your home is short and tidy, slash the overgrown grasses. Mosquitoes can also breed in this vegetation.

Maintain your porch screen

Mosquitos will not only bite you during outdoor activities alone, but they will also attack inside your shelter. If you have a poor set of porch screens, they get inside quickly. Ensure your porch screens are in the required shape.

Have natural plants in your compound

There are some types of plants; that keep the mosquitoes away when you have them at your home. These plants act as natural repellants; mosquitoes won’t come nearer if they smell their fragrance. These plants are Catnip Lavender, Marigold, and Rosemary.

Sleep under a treated mosquito net

It doesn’t matter where you are, be it camping or in your home, ensure you and your loved ones sleep under a treated mosquito net to prevent bites.


Avoid mosquitoes at all costs; protect your loved ones from these harmful insects known for their spread of malaria. Permanently destroy their breeding grounds to enhance your safety.

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