How to Beat Dementia – 5 Healthy Tips for 2018

How to Beat Dementia – 5 Healthy Tips for 2018

The few tips below are proved to prevent dementia in young people. Make sure you follow them.

Table Tennis And Dancing

Not getting enough exercise increases the risk of dementia and according to the World Health Organisation, more than a third of UK adults are at risk.

Instead of going for a run you should choose a sport that helps you exercise both your brain and body such as dancing or table tennis.

Better Breakfast

You already know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast but what you eat as it matters a lot. You should include foods full of nutrients that keep your brain healthy.

Make yourself a bowl of porridge and add some walnuts (high in healthy fats), blueberries (lots of antioxidants) and some dark chocolate bits with more than 70% cocoa (good for the brain).

Switch TV Shows

It is crucial to get enough shut-eye and reduce your stress levels in order to maintain a healthy brain. Cortisol causes problems with memory and is released while you are stressed which also affects the immune system fact that can become a development factor for dementia.

In order to cut stress, you should watch more nature shows and less high-action dramas before bed.

Write A Happiness Journal

Writing a gratitude and happiness journal makes you think of the positives of the day dramatically reducing stress. It is easier to keep an agenda or a notebook by your bed and write down three good things that happened during the day before diving into sleep.

Sing Loudly

This activity both stimulates the nerve that connects your brain to your gut and lifts your mood.

According to Harvard researchers, a healthy gut can keep you away from dementia as gut bacteria can cause the brain inflammation behind dementia.


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