How to avoid the negative impacts that the ongoing pandemic has on our sleeping schedule?

How to avoid the negative impacts that the ongoing pandemic has on our sleeping schedule?

The ongoing pandemic is affecting the worldwide economy. Many more people are losing their jobs daily, and business is forced to close since there is no demand anymore on their products. The spreading of the virus is also affecting people’s habits since the implementation of social distancing measures. People are resumed to isolate at home and conduct their activities from there, avoiding going outside as much as possible.

A new study has revealed that the COVID-19 is influencing our schedule even if sometimes we do not realize it. Millions of people are now facing a stressful period, struggling with keeping their emotions together and ignore the fear they might experience. These occurrences are determining a hectic sleeping schedule.

A recently published survey has analyzed a large number of Americans and their experiences during the ongoing pandemic. 76% of them have declared that the lockdown measures and the emotional background that they are experiencing right now have tremendously impacted their sleep quality.

The primary focus of this survey was to determine the leading causes that keep people up during the night. The data was collected and stored by SleepStandards. 48% of the participant has responded that anxiety causes sleeping problems, while for 26% of the participants are concerned about safety and security of their families and 23% are facing loneliness.

In addition to this, the people were asked to share their experiences and state whether they found a method of regulating their sleeping schedule. Almost half of them (46%) have declared that the best solution to avoid the stress is to stop following the news on the topic of COVID-19. Additionally, 40% of the people are claiming that reading a book before going to sleep is essential, while 20% practice yoga or meditate to free their minds. Last but not least, they were asked to state what would be their main activity in the event of a national quarantine. The most common answer was to watch Netflix (37%).

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