How Keto Diets Have Helped Millennials be a Fitter Generation

How Keto Diets Have Helped Millennials be a Fitter Generation

Millennials and Health
There has been much said about millennials and their ethical and moral standards. The generation has been called “Generation Me,” and they have been called lazy and ungrateful. The truth is that Millennials are making great moves in several ways; they are more innovative than any other generation. Apart from that, Millennials are interested in their future, the future of our planet and the future of their health. Since we are in the information era, now more than ever, we have an understanding of our health and the impact that food has on our wellbeing. There have been a wealth of diets that have been presented to this dynamic generation, but there is no diet that has been as popular as the Ketogenic diet. Thousands of Millennials have decided to follow this diet in order to improve their health.
What is the Ketogenic Diet
The Ketogenic diet is a diet that trains the body to burn fat instead of sugar for food. This is achieved by allowing the body to go into a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body receives limited access to blood sugar. The body prefers sugar to fat, so a person can train her body by eating a high-fat diet that has few or no carbs. A ketogenic diet generally includes the following: oils, fish, meat, eggs, dairy, and low starch vegetables. When the body is in a state of Ketosis, it produces ketones that the body uses for energy.
Why Millennials Love this Diet
Unlike other generations, Millennials are a generation that appreciates good health. Millennials are willing to forego bad foods in order to enjoy better overall health. Millennials are often more willing to purchase higher quality food and Keto products that are more expensive but better for their overall health. Apart from that, Millennials want to see results from the fruits of their labor. That being the case, the Keto diet is preferred by savvy Millennials. Since the body burns fat when in Ketosis, one of the largest benefits to this diet is that it burns body fat and helps a person to lose weight. It turns the body into a fat-burning vessel. The Keto diet has also proven effective in the prevention of diabetes, seizures, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Apart from the physical benefits of this diet, it also has several mental benefits as well. Since starching foods and sugars can cause blood sugar to go up and down, health conscious Millennials prefer to follow the Keto diet because it helps the body to maintain even blood sugar levels. When this occurs, the brain is able to maintain it focus and a person enjoys greater mental clarity.
Famous Millennials who Love the Keto Diet
Lebron James, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have all sworn by the Keto diet. When it comes to the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian was the one who started the family trend. She is considered to be the most healthy person in her family. She first started the diet when her doctor realized that she had high levels of mercury in her blood. Kourtney Kardashian started the diet, and she influenced her sister, Kim Kardashian. Reportedly, Kim Kardashian was able to lose 60 pounds on this diet after giving birth to her son. Lebron James started following a Keto diet in the summer of 2014; he stated that he had slimmed down in order to test his mental fortitude.
Millennials and High Quality Living
Millennials are an enlightened group of young people who are obsessed with living their best life. They have a positive outlook on their future, and they are determined to have high-quality and inspiring lives. Millennials want to take care of their health because they realize that without their health, they can not innovate, travel, love and live like they desire. The Ketogenic diet is really the diet of the Millennial generation. It offers amazing physical and mental benefits; by following this diet, Millennials have been able to lead the fabulous lives that they are fervently pursuing.


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