How Efficient is the Happy Diet and What Should You Know

How Efficient is the Happy Diet and What Should You Know

Can a diet be enjoyable? Well, in most cases is just a big no. Still, we might stand a chance.

Tom Kerridge, an English Michelin-starred chef, followed such a “happy diet”, also known as the dopamine diet and achieved a healthy weight while happily eating. This diet is so-called due to eating certain foods that can boost the production of a chemical that influences our brain’s reward centre. How cool is that?

Remember that before choosing to follow such a diet, it’s better to discuss with a nutritionist first.

Here is what you need to know.

How Enjoyable Could a Diet Be: Myth or Reality?

The dopamine diet has stirred quite the buzz, and some wonder if it’s really worthy. After all, how bad eating food that makes us happy could be?

If you want to follow the happy diet, here’s what could be on your menu:


Dairy products like full-fat cheese, yoghurt, double cream, and milk are just perfect.

Fruit and vegetables

Like you didn’t expect, right? Fruit and vegetables are also part of this diet, including dark leafy greens and bananas.

Meat and fish

These are could also be on your menu because they’re rich in tyrosine! This is an essential component in your body that improves attention, alertness, and focus. All you need to do is cut the processed variety and choose lean cuts.

As for fish, omega-3 varieties, including salmon, are excellent.


Yes, that’s right! Dark chocolate is also a significant and necessary part of this diet. You can try some chocolate mousse with sesame almond biscuit, as per Tom’s recommendations.


Soya is one of the best meat alternatives that you can try. You can find many recipes on the Internet but always keep it simple.

Nuts and seeds

Finally, our last stop on the list includes nuts and seeds. The dopamine diet wouldn’t be the same without them, but remember that you should eat them in moderation.

How Does a Dopamine Diet Work?

The happy diet is based on regular meals and smaller portions to keep blood sugar levels and mood in check. But, as you’ve probably noticed, there’s one thing missing from this diet: carbs.

The mix of healthy fats, lean protein, veggies, fruit, and chocolate turns dining the dopamine way nourishing and satisfying. Of course, it’s better if you discuss this diet with a nutritionist to find out what exactly do you need.

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