How Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

How Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a kind of psychological acupressure that you can practice on yourself. By tapping particular pressure points on your body, you can remove negative energies from your body that cause pain (be it emotional or physical). Hence, you can restore your physical and mental balance.

In other words, the emotional freedom technique EFT is an alternative treatment for your physical pain and emotional distress. You can also call it tapping or psychological acupressure.

How Does EFT Work?

Just like acupuncture, EFT works on the meridian points or your energy hot spots to restore balance to your body’s energy. You can call the power in the center of your body as meridian points. These work like energy channels that link up the highways of the body. Hence, they connect you to your sensations, which you can often find in physical pain and emotional fear.

Once these negative sensations come up, they disturb your body’s balance, and you feel frightened or low. Lightly tapping on each of your meridian points in sequence and repeating it can cut the thread of adverse reactions and sensations plaguing you.

Whatever you may be dealing with, no matter if it is a bad memory, a stressed relationship, or a moment of intense anxiety, you can use tapping to focus on accepting and solving the negative emotion. In this way, you can balance your body.

Get Ready for Tapping

Before tapping, you must establish a phrase that clarifies what you are trying to address. It should focus on two chief goals:

  • Recognizing the issue
  • Accepting yourself despite the problem

The general setup phrase is: “Even though I have this issue, I completely and deeply accept myself.” You can change this phrase to fit your issue, but it should not address someone else’s problem. It would help if you focused on how the situation makes you feel, to relieve its triggers. 

How Can You Find the Right Calming Points?

To start with the emotional freedom technique (EFT), you can go for a few of the following tapping points in sequence and repeat until you finish the tapping session. You can end your tapping sessions when you begin to feel better.

According to experts, you should tap with one hand (it doesn’t matter which one), particularly with your index and middle fingers together. Tap firmly for nearly 5-7 taps, but not so firmly that you injure yourself. You should feel the pressure on your meridian points as you tap. With practice, it will come naturally.

Top of Your Head

The set of points at the top of your head have become immensely popular, and people regularly use them. Since a diversity of meridians link up at the top of your skull, this area is a significant energy center. Similarly, it is also in the zone of the 7th Chakra or the Crown Chakra, which you can consider as a spiritual energy center.

According to experts, the freedom technique stimulates your head, awakening your energy system. It also motivates your mind and body to pay attention to what you are specifically about to address. Note that the head point is susceptible, and you must be extremely gentle when you tap at this location.

Your Eyebrows, Under the Eye and Side of Your Eye

Move into tapping your eyebrow where it is close to the nose. Again, you can do it with either of your hands. You can also move over to the side of your eye (whichever eye you want) and tap on the bone adjoining the outside corner of your eye.

You can also tap on the point located directly under the pupil on your eye socket bone. Tap at this point if you are feeling anxious and stressed. It is a great calming point.

Under Your Nose and Chin

The calming point is between your nose and the lip. To help with feelings of shame and guilt, tap here to overcome your emotion and find self-acceptance.

Then your chin tipping point is between the chin and the lower lip, just under your bottom lip. It will release the feelings of uncertainty, embarrassment, and shame.

Does the Concept of EFT Tap Work?

War veterans and active military with PTSD have been using EFT to treat their issues effectively. In a 2013 study, researchers studied the influence of EFT tapping on veterans with PTSD against the ones getting standard care. Within a few weeks, participants taking EFT tapping sessions had significantly diminished their psychological stress.

Similarly, an increasing number of success stories have come from people with initial apprehension using EFT tapping as an effective alternative treatment.

To sum up, long entrenched in the history and power of acupuncture and Eastern medicine, the emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a free powerful tool that anyone can use. If you do it right, you can experience profound results.


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