How A Urine Test Can Be Used to Spot Prostate Cancer

How A Urine Test Can Be Used to Spot Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is still something that many men struggle to talk about. Although no one wants to think about the possibility of getting ill, it is actually the reluctance to discuss medical issues that can make someone more poorly. Over recent years, cancer treatment has improved massively however this is improved further by early detection. By putting off seeing the doctor and getting advice, you could be delaying a diagnosis, which means that treatment could be starting later than it could have done.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

It is important to know the symptoms of prostate cancer so you can seek medical advice if you start to experience any of these. However, it is also important to remind yourself that these symptoms could be an indication of a number of illnesses and so, it doesn’t have to mean that you do have cancer. Places such as the ALTA Clinic in Germany will be able to assist with treatment and advice if you do have a diagnosis, but the important first step is to reach out to a medical professional for support and tests.

One of the first symptoms you experience could be a change in how you urinate. For many people, this will mean difficulty going to the toilet but for others, it could mean that once you start to urinate you find it hard to stop. Experiencing pain when you go to the toilet is common too. Blood in either your urine or semen is a definite indication that you need to see a doctor, regardless of whether or not you get a prostate cancer diagnosis; it is certainly something that you should get checked out.

Testing For Prostate Cancer

In the past testing for prostate cancer has been quite an ordeal, with the risk of side effects and infection. Thankfully medical advances are showing that testing for prostate cancer in this way could be significantly reduced. Instead, British Scientists have developed a urine test, which they estimate will cut the need for biopsies by over 30%.

ExoGrail is a urine test that has been developed to detect EN2 (a protein market) and within 10 genes related to the risk of prostate cancer check for levels of gene expression. They have tested this new way of checking for prostate cancer on over 200 patients and so far, the results have successfully detected which patients did have prostate cancer.

Seeking Help

Whether you are able to get a urine test for prostate cancer or one of the more invasive biopsies, it is important not to delay if you are experiencing any symptoms. If you are ever experiencing any unusual symptoms then speaking to your doctor is essential. Medical science is a marvellous thing and lots of illnesses are treatable, but it is important that they are diagnosed and treated early. Never be embarrassed to visit a doctor or let a busy life put you off, instead get some advice and possibly treatment so you give yourself the best possible chance at getting better.



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