Hormone Replacement Therapy – Is it safe after all?

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Is it safe after all?

Back in 2002, a huge study from the U.S. suggested that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) comes with a great risk of developing heart disease and breast cancer. Due to these observations, most of the women at menopause are still scared of trying this treatment, no matter how much they would need it. Now, a new research indicates that the previous report was wrong.

Is HRT safe or not

After a lot of confusion throughout the years regarding the verdict on whether HRT is safe or not, numerous patients and doctors are still concerned about the health risks that are associated with taking HRT pills or using patches, as they are made up of both oestrogen and progesterone hormones.

Luckily, we finally have a new report that seems to give us a final answer to a question that can change women’s lives drastically. Is HRT safe or not? And the answer is a definite yes.

A new study sheds some light on this old dilemma

The new study suggests that not only is HRT safe for women if they use it in the short-term, for treating their menopausal symptoms, but also for treating their post-menopausal lives and even in cases when women have had breast cancer. This definitely sounds like good news.

According to Dr. Avrum Bluming, who is a leading breast cancer specialist and Dr. Carol Tavris, a social psychologist – both of them being the authors of this new report, the original study about HRT had many flaws, due to the fact that the women from that research were too old and unhealthy to provide relevant results. Not only that, but the two authors also stated that the researchers modified the previous data in order to make the outcome much more frightening, as they were sure that HRT was dangerous for women’s health. Fortunately, now we know that’s not the case.


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