Honda to Release Insight – The Car that will Make you Forget About the Civic

Honda to Release Insight – The Car that will Make you Forget About the Civic

Honda’s most recent Insight hybrid will make a big appearance at the Detroit Auto Show appearing to be unique and prepared to fight Toyota’s Prius.

So what are they trying to change?

This car is back and is promising an overwhelming 50+ miles for each gallon. A model of the four-entryways is set to make a big appearance at Detroit Auto Show one week from now. And it’s a curious thing. As a model, the Insight has never been quite a success, yet they are unmistakably trusting that a drastic change in design will get the attention of the people. This time, the 2019 model isn’t a splendid eco-misanthrope like the first Insight, or a “Greener than Thou”, like Toyota’s Prius. Honda is wagering that an ordinary car with 5 seats is the thing that the market needs.

About specs

Until further notice, Honda isn’t giving much about its specs. The company says that the motor will work as a generator in almost all conditions, empowering a form of its very much respected 1.5-liter turbo four backed by another two-engine hybrid system, that will convey fuel economy in excess of 50 miles for every gallon. Now, that is a great number that will put it right in the chase against its Toyota adversary.

The front-end styling, specifically, has a gimlet-eyed LED headlamps and a forward-leaning grille, in addition to there’s its shockingly daring roofline.

About price

There’s no official statement about the price, but Honda says that Insight will appear to be above the Civic. To add more to the point, Hyundai’s Ioniq costs about $23,085 and 2018’s Prius starts from $24,370, so it’s expected that the Insight will have about the same price.


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