Home Gym: Why You Should Have Your Own Bowflex PR1000?

Home Gym: Why You Should Have Your Own Bowflex PR1000?

Human bodies are designed to be regularly active. However, in this generation of technology wherein convenience is at the top list of priorities, it is being compromised. Unlike the time of our ancestors wherein they need to look for shelter and clothing actively, today’s era of convenience has made everything accessible within an arm’s length.

An inactive lifestyle is the reason why professionals have made various gimmicks when it comes to encouraging people to exercise more. From short and quick 30 minutes exercises to some club-like cycling atmosphere, physical fitness programs know no bounds when it comes to valuing everyone’s fitness.

Companies that make fitness equipment do not come last too. They created a market for those individuals who want to exercise but don’t have the time to go to a gym. Thus, the innovation for home gym equipment was created.

With this said, you may have heard of the Bowflex PR1000, which is, without a doubt, the current trend of today’s modern gym equipment. So, you want to know more about the said amazing exercise tool? Then go and read ahead!

What is This Bowflex PR1000?

Bowflex PR1000 is a home gym tool which is primarily for exercising resistance. It is an equipment that focuses on strengthening the muscles with a bit of cardio training, and lots of strength exercises can be done with its built-in rowing station.

This equipment has a power rod resistance of 210 pounds which works out different parts of the body such as arms, back, abs, lower body, and etc. Also, it is built with triple-function hand grips for exercises like the horizontal bench, lat pull-down, and roller cushions for leg exercises.

Bowflex PR1000 is considered an entry-level model that is designed for casual fitness goers. Those individuals who only aim for staying in shape, build up strength or tone up the muscles.

Since this tool does an excellent job of doing its purpose, it is considered as one of the must-have home gym equipment. Not only due to its use, but its compact style is also notable since it can fit in the corner of your home without having to take up much space.

If you’re wondering where you can buy one, well, traditionally, Bowflex can be purchased through television infomercials. But since technology has evolved, you may now purchase this toll through websites or sporting goods stores. Also, do not forget to read some Bowflex PR1000 reviews to ensure you know what you are buying!

How Does It Work?

There are two types of Bowflex, one is the traditional Power Rod technology, and the other is SpiraFlex technology.

The Power Rod technology is a cable/pulley system. Its resistance comes from flexible rods that extend from the rear of the machine. When one uses this tool, it may start as easy. Then it gradually becomes difficult since the bow’s tension increases.

On the other hand, the SpiraFlex technology Bowflex is also known as the “next generation” of Power Rod technology. This type of Bowflex also uses the cable/pulley system (same as the Power Rod). However, its source of resistance is different.

The resistance from SpiraFlex technology comes from the circular “cams” of the applied muscular force to the coil. Thus, as you do your exercise repeatedly, the resistance remains the same as when you started, unlike the Power Rod. You can say that this machine is the same as the equipment offered at the gym.

Benefits You Can Gain from Bowflex

After knowing the necessary information about the Bowflex, if you are new to the equipment, then you must want to know what’s in it for you. Or perhaps you are specifically looking for some benefit you will gain if you will buy the said equipment.

If such is the case, here are the benefits that you can reach when you buy the Bowflex PR1000:

Durability and Convenience. Since the target market is those individuals who want to have gym equipment in their homes, the Bowflex is much lighter compared to the conventional gym equipment that uses weight stacks. This machine can be compacted too, making it easy to move around and store.

Now, if you think that your exercises will be compromised due to the mentioned features above, then you got it wrong. This tool allows you to do all the activities that you can do at the gym. You can still have your complete workout routine without wasting your time and effort in going to the gym.

Certified Safe. Of course, some people have skepticism in doing exercises with equipment at home since you will be on your own without any supervision from a fitness instructor. However, the Bowflex is designed to move smoothly without interruption when you are doing exercises.

Due to the smooth transition by the Bowflex’ rod during exercising, it can prevent any injuries in the connective tissues and joints that might happen during your routine. Additionally, the rods are light, which reduces the probability of injuries.

Full Workout Routine. As mentioned above, with the Bowflex equipment, you will still be able to do your workout routine the same as you do when you are at the gym. This tool even helps with your circuit training and allow you to train and manage any part of your body, may it be your chest, arms, abs, and legs.

Also, you can change the setup during your exercise for you to not lose any benefits in your fat-burning exercises. Lastly, you can perform some exercises on Bowflex. Exercises such as front lat pull-downs, leg curls, seated rows, bench presses, shoulder presses, and chest flies are some of the activities you can do whenever you use Bowflex.


Now that you know the necessary information about Bowflex and why it has gained fame across the globe, surely you will be able to tell yourself if you want to purchase the said equipment or not.

With the given information above about Bowflex PR1000, you might get enticed into buying one. So, here’s a tip before buying a Bowflex, know the store you are purchasing it. Gather information through reading some Bowflex PR1000 review of that said store, and then you are good to go!


Jeffrey likes to write about health and fitness topics, being a champion fitness instructor in the past.

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