His Dad Was Sick, So He Asked Santa For One Thing: To Pray Together

His Dad Was Sick, So He Asked Santa For One Thing: To Pray Together

The story is that of a boy and his wish to help his sick dad. In North Texas, the image of a boy praying with Santa was taken by a touched passer-by and it became viral.
A woman waiting in line with her son to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops in Garland has overheard a boy’s conversation with his family. The boy has a wish list and he wished Santa would help his sick dad and to pay the medical bills.
The woman was so touched by the story she took a picture and people on Facebook to help her find the family again. The family saw the post and reached out to tell their story.

Jason Coker is the father of Jacob, the boy praying with Santa. Jason suffers from a blood disorder and he is in and out of the hospital. Emily, Jason’s stepmother says that Jacob did not wish for anything this Christmas except his father’s well being.
NBC 5 stopped by at the Garland store and asked Santa about the story. Santa confirmed the boy was not interested in toys; his wish was that his dad gets better. He further explained that he prayed with the boy.
Another witness to this event was Janet Contreras who explains that she saw the moment and Jason’s stepmother in tears.
Everyone was impressed with the story and the post was shared more than 8,000 times since Thursday. Strangers offered to help the Coker family with money and presents. The Coker family started a GoFundMe page. A local business also decided to sponsor the family for the holidays and even a Facebook user opened a bank account to help them out.
The Coker family has thanked everyone for their good thoughts and help.


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