Hilarious Advice: WEF Demands That We Wash Clothes Less To Save The Planet

Hilarious Advice: WEF Demands That We Wash Clothes Less To Save The Planet

It has been revealed that the WEF is here with a new piece of advice. The organization tells us to wash our clothes less in order to save the planet. How? Check out more details below.

WEF wants you to wash clothes less

Check out the following tweet that includes this video:

Someone commented: “The WEF said that the next global crisis they will launch to control everyone will be fresh water shortages. They admitted that the Covid scare and the climate change fearmongering both failed. They said that they were crises not everyone would get behind and that water safety is a real concern that will convince 100% of the population to obey. It has started.”

Another follower said: “I don’t understand how they haven’t been charged with crimes against humanity. Everything they’re doing and want to do has been shot down by professionals in their field, so this is blatantly about killing humans for nothing.”

It seems that the WEF acknowledges the fact that the attempt to vaccinate the whole planet failed. Check out the latest reports about this interesting issue and more below.

WEF makes important statements

Here is the relevant tweet about this issue below:

Stay tuned for more news about the WEF.

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